Did U Have Severe M S And Are Having A Girl

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pari - May 22

hi i am 17 w 1 d today and dont know whether i am having a girl or a boy ...my big u/s is 16 june.......i had severe m/s from week 7 to 14........so everybody says that i will have a girl.........has that turned out to be true for anyone else.........?


GraceRenee - May 22

Well, I was much sicker with my daughter than with my son. This pregnancy was the worst of all, and I find out May 30 what I am having, if baby cooperates. I will let ya know!


Betul - May 22

This is my sixth pregnancy, all six pregnancies I've never had morning sickness. I have five sons and this one is a girl!! No difference for me, boy or girl, no sickness.


Susan W - May 22

Nope. I had hideous morning sickness with baby #1. That was a boy. I only had three weeks with this baby, and it's also a boy. Who knows!!


emilymalm - May 22

I had 8 weeks of all day sickness and it's a boy so dunno.


Erynn21 - May 22

That's a bunch of b.s. I am very pregnant w/ a baby girl and never was sick just nauseated sometimes, my next door neighbor had a boy and was sick all the time. I had ppl tell me that too, everyone is different.


HannahBaby - May 22

I had severe MS with my second and i am having a boy....every single calculator, chinese chart, and even a high heart beat pointed to a girl and lo and be hold its a boy. I had my daughter back in 2005 and was mildly sick with her.....everyone is different. You can not tell what you are having until you are holding that baby in your arms. I had a girlfriend who just had a baby boy after being told that she was having a girl...twice!! Good luck


mcatherine - May 22

I barely got out of the bed for almost 4 weeks. I was miserable. People kept telling me I was having a girl, too. But - it's a boy.


JESS1980 - May 23

I was told that having a lot of m/s means you're having a girl. But that's NOT 100% true. I am horribly sick from this pregnancy....and I am having a boy! :-)


sara b - May 23

My first was a boy and I had no symptoms let alone m/s. My second was a girl and I was sick from 8 weeks until 8 months. Guess it's true for me. Best wishes.


Cabbie - May 23

I had sixteen weeks of severe sickness and this one is a boy!


michellep - May 24

I've heard both actually. My friend is only sick when she has boys, and my husband's coworker is only sick when she has girls. I myself am having a girl, and haven't been sick at all.


michellep - May 24

Oh, another thought. Ask your mom what she experienced. My mom had all girls and never was sick either.


pari - May 24

my mom was very sick both times and she had me n my sister........and she was absolutely ok with my brother


drea - May 24

I had no morning sickness at all and I'm having a girl


fefer1 - June 1

I'm having a girl and I was sick up until 18-19 weeks. I have friends who were sick with one and not with the other (both girls) so I don't think it's a good measure of what you're having.


sophandbob - June 1

i had no morning sickness and am having a boy, but then someone at work was off for 4 months due to severe morning sickness, and was even hospitalised, and she had a boy too. Maybe look at other factors too, there are quite a few old wives tales which you can explore, plus also you could look at the chinese lunar calender.



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