Diet Sodas Amp Coffee

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grace - February 9

Hi all, was wondering how much everyone alows them self to drink of this stuff. I am a diet foutain coke girl and although I have cut down, I just cant give it up. When I told my doctor at my 12 week appointment that I have a 44 oz diet soda a day, she was not amused, told me to cut it down to one or two cans. This has been pure torture. I mean alchohol was no problem, candy I could give up, but my soda???? Well I havent followed the doc's advise perfectly. I try, I swear I do. Does anyone know of any problems this could be causeing the baby, as it is just soda???thanks!


Dia - February 9

Hi Grace...I am not going to be much help, but I understand completely! Except I have been craving regular coke with this pregnancy. Which is really weird, since I hardly EVER drank any soda pre-pregnancy. I don't know if it is the carbonation or what, but I really want it a lot. I went through about 2 weeks of having about 2 cokes a day...but I get cramps when I drink too much caffeine. I feel better instantly when I start drinking water so I am almost positive that is what it is. Since that has started I only drink a couple cokes a week and mostly water or naturally decaffinated unsweetened tea.


dee23 - February 10

hi grace. dont quote me, but i think its not only the caffine, but the artificial sweetners in diet drinks. ive heard that those 'fake sugars' can be bad. congrats on your pregnancy!


jen - February 10

funny i crave rootbeer more now too then i ever had before.. wierd.. but then again if someone says anything i crave that too..


Deb - February 10

Three problems with diet sodas...1 - caffeine, 2 - aspertame (really bad), and 3 - no nutritional value. Take your docs advice, CUT DOWN. If you could cut out the other "bad" things, than you should be able to cut this out too. Do it for your baby!


Tillie - February 10

From what I've read, the caffeine doesn't even compare to the detrimental effects of chemicals in diet soda (like aspertame). Why don't you buy some natural, non-diet sodas?


Ella - February 10

I must confess I too was a diet coke junkie...until I read that the carbonation from soda sounds like firecrackers to your baby and my even scare her! Not to mention the fact that additional fat you consume adds to her own weight...I have to push her out, I prefer her healthy, small, and lean. So I have given it up the diet coke, I have sprite (it's caffeine free) with food and I have actually gotten past the withdrawls...


Keli - February 11

try to make sure you drink lots of water in between your sodas.


FYI - February 12

Just wanted to let everyone know. My dh told me I could drink soda. It is more after we have our babies and what the caffeine does to them. Jen I crave rootbeer also! Diet is not good try and drink regular soda if you can. Limited amounts of course.


Preggo - February 13

All the ladies are right about aspartame... even though water and juice are best , give Pepsi One or Diet Rite a try. They do not use aspartame but Splenda which according to my prenatal care booklet has been found to be ok. Especially if your diabetic because the body does not recognize splenda as a sugar and does not store it a sugar/ carbohydrate. And these sodas are caffiene free. You'd be surprise how good they taste!!


grace - February 13

thanks all for the kind responces, I have managed to cut down significantly... I am now a little worried that I may have harmed little girl. But the only thing I can control now is my intake from this point forward... I am subst_tuting water mostly. I find that as long as its ice water I really like it, with a straw tooo.. My husband thinks I have lost my mind,, perhaps I


SuzieQ - February 14

Have you tried mixing tonic water and fruit juice? I used to drink that in the summer as an alternative to pop and got the carbonation fix I was craving :)



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