Difficulty Breathing At 17weeks

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Lucky1 - March 28

I would like to know if anyone else has this problem or if I should go to a Doctor. I run out of breath a lot lately. I could be on the phone talking and suddenly I'm breathing like I just ran a mile.... I don't know why it is happening to me.... If I walk up a fllight of stairs I am literally gasping for air... This is all new to me because I have always been in shape and slim (123lbs). I've never had asthma so I don't know what it could be.... Any one else having this issue..... Any Idea what it could be....


Jennifer - March 28

I have been feeling that way too, if I climb up stairs I get short of breath. On the weekend, me and a friend of mine went for a walk, and we were walking up a hill and I had to get her to stop, it was pretty funny, I was so out of breath!!


Heather - March 28

started around 15 weeks for me.


Nicole - March 28

I exercise regularly and nevery feel out of breath, but often during the day out of nowhere I have difficulty breathing for a short period of time. I just take full deep breaths until it pa__ses. I don't think it's anything to worry about, but another pregnancy symptom (as I have read in many books).


Beth - March 28

OMG lucky I thought I was going insane. I run out of breath all the time too and you know what is weird, it happens even more so at night when I lay down to go to bed I have told my fiance over and over again I feel like I cannot breathe, I have to turn on the fan because I say I need fresh air. .it is werid!!


CEM - March 28

as the uterus grows, it starts to push your lungs more and more out of the way, resulting in that out-of-breath feeling. it's harmless, but irritating, i know! it has only gotten worse for me (now at 27 weeks), sometimes i even need to sit down for 5 minutes to regain my breath. it's like i've run around the block and i'm just standing still! talking also makes it worse.


camie - March 28

I am 15 weeks and just started feeling the same thing. I can just be sitting at my desk at work and feel really short of breath. Its weird but I think it is normal. Blood volume increase--needing more oxygen, uterus pushes on all your organs including your lungs.



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