Disappointed With Level II Ultrasound

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Hormonal Pregnant Chick - November 2

Hi Ladies, I had my Level II U/S today and am so disappointed! I feel like I've been robbed of a wonderful experience. The whole thing only took about 1/2 hour, the tech had the volume off so I couldn't hear the heartbeat, she kept freezing and splitting the screen so I couldn't see what the heck was going on, and I never saw any clear images of the baby, only blurry, ugly ones that made it look like I am carrying a hideous and deformed mass of tissue! I'm p___sed! Then she gave me some fake 3D still images that are so ugly I could burn them - I certainly can't tell what the image is and no one bothered to explain it to me. I'm not the trained professional - she was, and frankly, I think she SUCKED! I guess I'm just venting but I know I probably won't have anymore ultrasounds unless I want to pay for a 3D myself. I know I should just be happy that everything is perfect, but with my first child 10 years ago, I saw a whole lot more. I'm envious of you ladies who had a wonderful experience with a nice, sensitive, and caring tech who made sure you knew what you were looking at. What to do now?


ronni - November 2

i am sorry you had such a bad experience. I think you should call and talk to someone at the drs. office. explain how upset you are and tell them you would like to come back, if they say no then ask to speak to their boss. That is what i would do, it;s a shame you were robbed of that wonderful experience!


rl - November 3

boy that really sucks...I had a two of them done the first one was not maybe the best I mean I saw the baby great but the tech was not really very nice she did point out some things but not all but when I had the 2nd my tech was wonderful she told me everything I was looking at and was just so nice even gave me wonderful 4-D pics you really should let your doc know what happened but really I am sorry you did not get the wonderful pics you thought you were going to get that is really too bad!!


L - November 3

Sorry you had a horrible experience. I had my level II yesterday as well and thought my regular u/s were of better image quality and certainly more entertaining because my RE held the probe and let me watch my little one kick around. With that, I have to say that the purpose of the u/sII is for diagnostic purposes and not for entertainment. I wish it were but I'm sure your complaint would fall on deaf ears.


mls - November 4

I disagree about it falling on deaf ears. yes the u/s is for medical purposes, but even though the tech has probably done a million ultrasounds...this is only your second baby. you should definately call and let them know the level of your disappointment. you never know, they may offer for you to come back in just for a quick showing to make it up to you.


Maggie - November 4

That is terrible, report her. There is such a thing as bed side manner, and she apparently doesn't have any. Its also a good possibility that if you can't make out anything in the pic, than neither can the doctor. I would call and demand a retest. If they don't want to comply, call your insurance company and seek their advice.


Mandi - November 4

I have had many ultrasounds, but my first was a TERRIBLE experience too. She was a BITCH. My bf was able to go because we had recently moved into the area and he had not started his new job yet....this might be his only chance to see the little guy. Anyway, the pics were nice but she had no bedside manner. My bf was so excited he started pointing and asking questions immediately...she made rude comments "like not THAT'S THE PLACENTA" --- he thought it was the head or something --- she even went so far as to puch him out of the way. I told myself that if I ever had another US in that office that I would specifically request another technician. Thank God I have had more and my bf was able to go with me just this last visit.....the techs at this specialty facility are the GREATEST. My suggestion to you is --- if you have another --- INSIST that it not be the same tech you had the last time. You might not be PAYING for these images, but your insurance certainly is. Best of luck to you Hormonal Pregnant Chick --- that has to be the greatest name ever ;)


sorry - November 4

you had such a bad experience. I had a good tech and also saw the neo-natal fetal specialist with my level II. Both were nice, the pics sucked though! But the reason they do these is not for your entertainment, or for the pictures, it is to make sure you have a healthy baby. Sorry, but that is a fact.


Jennifer - November 4

I am so sorry! i've never heard of a tech not giving the parents any info as she/he goes along. I'd report her. This is supposed to be something enjoyable and a momentous occasion... not some rushed through, not explained disaster!



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