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Elifoo - August 18

I just noticed that I am having a slight green discharge, should I be worried...


Beth - July 30

I've recently noticed that too. What the heck is it?


Tara - August 3

I have the discharge to... im yet to ask my doctor if it is anything to worry about. Will let you know when i know.


Brenda - August 10

i have had a premature labor in the past so this time im now 19.6 weeks pregnant and i have asked the doctor because i have heavy discharge we did test for bv,and uti as well and found that the discharge is physical so that is ok i go to doctors once a week and i ask about everything just remember all because they say its normal you can still ask to be checked if your discharge turns grayish white thats not good but i would still ask the doctor to check you out just to be safe


Michelle - August 18



kisha - January 15



angela - January 15

I have it to, but it's more like a brownish\red, was check out at hospital but found no reason to worry.


ann - January 19

i finish 12w on sat 01/15/2005 and i m also have some discharge its white and its a litt heavy too........i go see my doc today so i m going to ask him abt that


nv - March 19

i have discharge is it normal i think im pregnant i have spotted two months stright but i keep testing neg but right after spotting i wipped brown


Aishah - March 19

You can spot in the first three months. It should only be for a few days and not be enough to be viseral.Green discharge sounds like chlamydia


katie - March 25

i have also got that and im worried too is it bad


K - April 23

From what I have been told and read if the discharge isn't redish, pink, brown tinged, or egg white looking then you need to contact your Dr. immeidately as green can be a sign of something wrong/infection.


miranda - April 23

for me it's yellowish. i'm being treated for a uti and wondering if this might be a yeast infection in response to the antibiotics? I'm 19 weeks.


emily - May 19

i just read somewhere that if its green you should call your doc immediatly...


masonmom - May 20

I just had a scare with my discharge yesterday. I wiped myself and it looked as though I had b__wn my nose. I know this is gross and graphic but hopefully it'll help you. Especially for me, after reading on the internet I thought for sure I was in Preterm Labor. Anyway, my doctor did a swab and said it was bacterial vaginosis and put me on an antibiotic. Hope this helps.



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