Distinguishing Gender On Ultrasound

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erin - November 24

My ultrasound is in 2 1/2 weeks and I will be 25 weeks by then. (I know, very late). Our hospital here is VERY closed about letting people know the gender of the baby and my husband and I would like to find out. So my question is, what do we look for on the ultrasound to tell whether it's a boy or a girl? I suppose a boy is obvious but what does a girl look like? Any advice would be appreciated. Maybe we can tell ourselves without having to ask the tech.


hmm - November 24

My advice would be to first go on line and google ultrsound pictures. You can look specifically for how to indentify gender. The more you look the better you will be at identifying. It all looks very fuzzy at first. For the girls you will be able to see a row of three lines III or three dots ... If you have a good shot the lines should be obvious. I was able to see my daughter from an underneath angle. I'm not sure if it would look the same looking straight at the baby instead of from under it.


to Erin - November 24

I agree with hmmm about the underneath angle. The boy parts on my baby were really obvious from that angle... that is, looking up from under the baby. Good luck!


Shawna E. - November 25

I wonder why your hospital is closed about gender? Is it because they don't want to be "wrong"? Odd... it seems like most technicians are happy to tell the gender. If you want to see for yourself, do just as the others said... be sure to look from an underneath angle (as if the baby was sitting on a gla__s chair and you were looking from beneath it, if that makes sense). I kept asking questions about the baby's orientation, such as "Is this looking from beneath? Is that the baby's stomach from above? What is that measurement that you are taking?" and etcetera. It really helped me know what I was seeing. This is your child, and I think you do have a right to know what is going on during the test. Hopefully your technician will be cooperative. Our little girl showed up clearly this time as the three lines, close together. I've seen my nephew's ultrasound photos and it was obvious with him that he was male. At 25 weeks, I will bet that if you get the proper angle, you will be able to tell for yourself! If my scanner was hooked up, I'd send you a nice shot of my girl's tushie! I might do that yet... Enjoy your ultrasound!


erin - November 25

Thanks. I have looked at some ultrasound pics on the internet and I agree that looking from the bottom is the best way to see. Maybe I can request to see that angle or something. I think they are just afraid of being wrong but I don't see the big deal. With my second son, we said we didn't care if they were wrong, we just wanted to know if they had an idea and the tech totally shut up and got kind of cold. I don't know what their problem is..but maybe this time we'll have a different tech! We'll see. I'll have to post about it in a few weeks.


H - November 25

I don't know where you live, or whether or not it's available to you or not, but you can always pay for a 3D or 4D ultrasound at a later date if you can't figure out the gender at this one. I think they are under $200 and they are crystal clear and lots of fun. They are used more for fun than for medical reasons so you don't need a referral or anything to have it done. check out www.ultrasona.com


me - November 25

I can see why folks would want to spend a b___tload of money on a heartbeat monitor. Sometimes I worry too whether baby's still there & okay. But it seems frivolous to spend that much to get an extra ultrasound to find out something you will anyway in another few months at the very least, and certainly doesn't affect your baby's precious health either way.


Heather L - November 27

My local hospital won't tell either. Jerks! *g* I am driving to a nearby major city to have my ultrasound. I made them send me there, because I want to find out and they REFUSE to tell you here.


kristi - November 27

They cannot disclose the gender to you! They usually will say don't run home and paint the nursery pink or blue but there is and 80% chance. Where do you live? We did not want to know the s_x of the baby and during my level 2 ultasound last week..I saw the p___s CLEAR as day! It's not hard to see everything with the new technology..are they using the 3d ultra sound?


erin - November 27

I am from Manitoba, Canada, so obviously things are different here. We only get one ultrasound unless things aren't going well and they don't use 3D. I think I'd probably have to go out of province to get a 3D. If we don't find out, I guess it's only another 3 1/2 months to wait. If they do give us some indication I don't think I'd actually do any painting, but I think it would just be neat to know this time.


Tess - November 28

Most says you'll see 3 distinguish white lines for a girl.


Jennifer.. - November 29

to erin I am from vancouver,canada..think its canada wide.. dum laws... same thing here too they wont tell me either, something about the east indians destroying girls.. no offense to that race, but i guess they found out they where haveing girls and aborted them.. id like to know too, p__sed off in van..


Drew - November 29

Yup, same here in Alberta!! In fact I go for my 20 wk u/s tomorrow and it's booked for the hospital. We were not told the reason why, just that the hospital "policy" doesn't allow it. However, dh works at the hospital and knows all the girls in u/s so we are hoping they'll "accidently" tell us! I'm going to try the google idea so I know what to look for tomorrow!!


Liz - November 29

I have 3 boys and I am 14 weeks pregnant with my 4th. With the scans (ultrasounds) of the boys you could see the little tail like p___s. Do yo have any friends who may have video tapes of their scans or pictures? If not, maybe your local doctor could give you some advice. Not sure where you are, but here in Australia scans are usually done around 18-20 weeks, so at 25 weeks you should get a very good look. It does depend if bub wants to cooperate and show you their gender. All the best!!


teigan - November 30

firstly congratulations on your pregnancy, secondly you have every right to demand to know the s_x, if they feel uncomfortable about it, sign a consent form which states they are not 100%, we just found out we are having a boy!!!!!!! girls i have heard are a little harder to tell, but i dont know as i am not a sonographer... good luck


erin - December 12

Just so all you ladies know, my ultrasound is tomorrow afternoon so I will report back and see if they let us find out what we're having!! I'm really excited! Thanks for all the advice! I'm practiced up at looking at ultrasound gender photos so we'll see what happens.


Heather L - December 12

Good luck Erin!! I am in Manitoba too! Where did you go for your ultrasound?? Mine is on the 15th at the Health Science Center in Winnipeg. I live in Portage la Prairie, and they won't tell ANYONE here by u/s what the s_x is. "hospital policy." Blah. Whatever. Hope all went well with your u/s!!! :)



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