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Christine - November 11

I'm goin on 14 weeks and feeling dizzy quite often. Is this normal, and is there anything i should do? eat? take? or drink to make it go away and prevent it from occuring again tomorrow and thereafter? Also I often have greenish to very dark colored bowel movements...whats causing this?


Josie - November 11

I don't know much about it all..I'm only about 2 months pregnant.But I get dizzy already all the time..and I get migraine headaches.I think it helps if you eat a lot of fruit during the day...it helps me at lease.


bry - November 29

I fainted about a month ago after getting really dizzy, my doctor said it was pretty normal and could be low blood sugar, you should eat something as soon as you feel dizzy and drink lots of water


stephanie - June 29

I hate to hear that everybody is feel ing so poorly but on the other hand am relieved to hear that yes it is normal. I'm 8 weeks along now and don't go anywhere without my husband or someone else anymore out of fear that I'm going to pa__s out! I've never been so dizzy in my life! I hate this feeling but from everybody elses response it seems to be fairly normal.


kita - September 8

I went through the same problem. I had a lost of breath, dizziness, i even blacked out at work and hit my head on the register, This dizziness happened to me throughout the day. but my doctor says that it is normal


Kristina - February 19

I am almost 9 weeks and have felt dizzy.. or kinda light headed. It's hard to explain. I just don't feel as "balanced" as I use to. Anyway.. my doctor said it's normal.


ashley - February 20

have you had your thyroid tested? Underactive thyroids can cause dizziness and can pose problems in pregnancy. i had constant vertigo (dizziness) right before I got pregnant and they found a thryoid problem and supplement me with thyroid hormone. It seems to help my dizziness though I still get it occasionally with this pregnancy. I am 18 weeks about now.


Nita - February 21

I've felt dizzy/lightheaded a few times. And it helps if you start to slow things a little i.e., getting up slowly from a sitting position. Walking slower. It's the lower blood pressure that's causing it but taking it easy has surely helped me. Even when getting up from bed, roll onto side and slide your legs down first and slowly pull yourself up. Pause a few seconds before getting up. Good luck!



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