Dizziness During 2nd Trimester

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Perl - June 23

I got up at 11:30 last night after laying in bed not being able to fall asleep and feeling hungry even though I had dinner. As I was walking down the hallway I felt dizzy and stumbled into the wall and could not walk a straight line (much like a drunk person's staggering walk). Is anyone else feeling dizziness during 2nd Trimester? BTW, I'm in my 19th week now.


frankschick2001 - June 23

Yes, only I have been having dizziness pretty much all along so far. I am almost 14 weeks. It's scary, but I am told it is normal when you change positions or get up after laying down.


amyn - June 23

Yes dizziness is common in the second trimester, it is because your blood pressure gets really low while you are sleeping/resting then if you get up suddenly it shoots back up (according to my doc). I had the same problem especially in the mornings but my doctor said for me to drink a lot of water as soon as I get up and that would help. I tried it and it has helped ALOT. I drink 1 full gla__s first thing in the morning then my juice with my breakfast and my dizziness isn't bad at all now. I used to have it really bad. good luck


Perl - June 23

Thanks, ladies. My aunt just told that she would get really light-headed if she would lie down on her back while pregnant. Something about the extra weight blocking the vein that brings blood to your brain. I guess that's why we lie on our sides while pregnant and I was on my back. Kind of goes along with the blood pressure going low too. I'll make sure to keep a sport bottle full of water at my bedside.


Taffy - June 23

Perl, your Aunt was right. I had the same thing around 17-21 weeks where I would feel faint when I lay down. The baby was pressing on the vena cava (the major vein) and reducing the blood to my heart and lungs. I bought a body pillow and had to lie on my left (not right) side to relieve the pressure on the vein. It went away after about 2 nights. I'm now 24 weeks and I have to say that even though my blood pressure is still dropping I feel a lot better as its dropping more slowly allowing my body a chance to adjust. Eventually our blood pressures should start to go back towards normal and we'll be feeling fine again. I hope this helps. And drinking plenty helps to keep your blood volume up. Also avoid caffeine as it's a diuretic.


scarlett - June 25

I'm 22 weeks and I realise that I feel dizzy everytime I'm tired or have not have enough rest. Hunger and constipation can be a factor too.


tndrlvn - June 25

Hi Perl, I to have the same thing, one thing i find first thing in the morning is just lay there a few minutes before actually getting out of bed. I also have a body pillow, it does help. Yes lay on your left side. I was reading in my week by week pregnancy book that because of the baby growing up your body has to adjust to the new weight and it can make you off balance, heck i swear walls jump out at me at times, they see me coming and say lets get her.....hahahaha.....i am 17 1/2 weeks....Congrats to all you moms!!!!!!!


NURSEJ - July 11

i am dizzy but only when i am hungry or i stand on my feet for a long time.



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