Do I Have Sciatica

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Rachel29 - January 15

It seems like at night (and to a lesser extent during the day) I'll get this pain in my right hip, well kind of between my hip and butt I guess that just doesn't seem to go away! I did a little reading on sciatica to see if that's what it was, but I know you guys probably would be able to tell me more about what it feels like. I tried to stretch it at first thinking I had pulled a muscle, but I don't think it's muscle pain. Any ideas as to what this might be would be appreciated. It's not a really horrible pain, but I guess I'll mention it to my doc if it doesn't clear up...


cors1wfe - January 15

Rachel that sounds like what I have experienced on occasion - I believe it to be sciatica but mine doesn't last for long and usually goes away if I change positions - warm baths really help me.


Sprinkles - January 15

Rachel, I have that and have had that for 3 months now .. it's on my right side in like the middle of my right b___t cheek is the best way to explain it - It's really uncomfortable I have it when I lay down so every morning I wake up I limp around for a little while until it works itself out. And I have a job where I sit all day and that doesn't help either. I don't know what to do to help it - people told me it would go away but mine hasn't


Sprinkles - January 15

Also my chiropractor told me it can come from damage to a disk or part of your spine and he already believes I have some damage to mine because of the pain I get in my lower back and I think added weight makes it worse it causes more pull to the front and my lower back has a big dip in it so how he explained it is it is pinching a portion of the nerve or something and it's causing the sciatic to act up. I tried my best to explain that lol I hope you got what i meant


cynthia3 - January 15

Sounds like sciatica to me. I've got it too. Mention it to your doc even if you get some relief because it may reappear later in pregnancy and he/she can tell you how to deal with it.


Gemini_Girl - January 16

Hi it may be sciatica but it could also be pelvic girdle pain, I had PGP in the 2nd trimester but in the 3rd it seemed to calm down a bit, my midwife, referred me to a physiotherapist, who gave me some small exercises to do and a support belt to wear round my middle, but to be honest nothing much helped and I think its just one of these things



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