Do I HAVE To Take The Vitamins

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Mellissa - May 9

I've taken my prenatal vitamins since I was 5 weeks pregnant, I stopped taking them around 18 weeks...I have to chew them and I'm tired of taking them...Will it hurt my baby if I stop taking them? Anyone stop taking them and have healthy babies?? Thanks


Tarah - May 9

I wouldn't recommend stopping. The baby will get the nutrients it needs from your body, so basically you're hurting yourself. Of course it gives the baby extra nutrients when you take them, but mainly, they are for your body to make up for the ones the baby is using. They have other vitamins you can take that you just swallow, rather than chew up. You should ask your doctor about maybe prescribing different ones or if they have a recommendation for over the counter ones. You definitely need them though, so I wouldn't stop. Good luck! =)


: { - May 9

Why would you have to CHEW your vitamins? Were they chewables? If not, I don't blame you for stopping! You should take some kind of vitamin everyday, unless you have a very good nutritious diet on a daily basis, covering all the basics, veggies, fruit, protein, cereal, etc


Jamie - May 9

I quit taking my prenatals, too, because they were making me sick. My doctor asked me why I hadn't refilled them yet, and I explained it, so he switched me to a different kind of vitamin, that was 3 pills instead of just the one; by doing that, he determined that it was the iron making me sick, because I already have high iron. So - talk to your doc about switching to different vitamins.


Justine - May 9

Mellissa - I don't think it will harm your baby if you stop taking them as long as you have a healthy diet. I live in London, UK and all the doctors here I have spoken to here advised me not to take prenatal vitamins (too many vitamins can be as bad as too few) - they said I should only take folic acid for the first 3 months. We are advised that it is much healthier to get the vitamins you need from a good diet - plently of fruit and veg, some calcium (e.g hard cheese) and plenty of protein (e.g meat). If your diet is not healthy then you need to keep taking the vitamins. You do need to iron supplements if you're anaemic from a blood test though.


Mellissa - May 9

Well, I don't HAVE to chew them, But I do anyways because I could never swallow pills. What about the Flintstone Vitamins? Would it be about the same if I took those?


amanda - May 9

talk to you doctor, a friend of mine did start taking the flinstones vitamins b/c her doc said it was the same! she takes like 3 a day. you doctor will be able to help find something that is suitable, you should't have to chew those nasty things! while you're not taking them be sure to eat foods with folic acid everyday!


tara - May 9

just as long as you have the folic acid along with the other vitamins you should be good. But you shouldn't stop all together, you need to be taking something to make up for what your body and the baby needs.


Steph - May 9

My Dr. told me that if I ran out or don't like them or if they made me sick to take 2 flinstones a day. He said that many woman decide to take flintstones during the 1st trimester bc they are fruity and help with nausea. They taste good too! ...................GL :o)


Steph - May 9

Sorry 2 Flintstones a day so I took 1 at night and 1 in the morning....YUM


Ca__sie - May 9

Just the thought of my prenatals makes me sick.......I used to be able to swallow pills fine but I CAN'T swallow these. My doctor doesn't seem too concerned. He said just to take a flintstone. I however have been taking gummy bear vitamins ..... mmm mmm good



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