Do Other People Feel This Way

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k - November 8

I am 18 weeks pregnant. This is my first child. The doctor tells me everything is is good and I get an ultrasound soon. I just get worried that the baby is not ok and scared something is just isn't right I am feeling the baby move but only at night. I had a miscarrige over a year ago and That may be why i feel this way. Does anyone else ever feel this way???


Kris - November 8

I think these feeling are very natural feelings to have. I am on my first pregnancy, 20 weeks to be exact, and I have the same anxiety about the baby. I had spotting in the first trimester, when I went to the emergency room, I was told there was a chance I would miscarry. Everything has been fine so far, but I just can't help worry about the baby. I am very fortunate, becuz my baby moves all the time!!! He rarely gives me a break! so that is comforting. I think that after you have your sonogram, and as you get closer to your due date some of these anxieties will subside.


Tina - November 8

I'm sorry for your previous loss. With my son (who is now a year old) he only moved at night too. I was told that is because he rested while I was moving because my movement calmed him and caressed him to rest but when I would lay down he would move like crazy. He prefered the night movements to anything and it wasn't til I was real close to my due date that he started moving during the day (sometimes). I hope this helps you some with your worries.


Michelle - November 8

I agree with kris after you have your sonogram you should be rea__sured that everything is ok and feel a little bit better. I also had a miscarriage and it makes you look at everything that can go wrong. I am now 27weeks and I havent been thinking about what can go wrong I have been thinking about what I need to buy. The closer I get to my due date the better I feel. Dont stress out on the bad. Just think after you know what you are having you get to go buy all kinds of stuff. I think that helped me also. Good luck.


E - November 8

I have felt this way also. Welcome to the beginning of worrying for the rest of our lives, lol. It is natural to be concerned as this is probably the most important thing you have ever done in your life. In a nutshell, see your worrying as a sign that you will be a wonderful mom and not as instinct to a problem.



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