Do Thinner Women Start To Show Earlier

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Angela - August 10

I'm just wondering what makes some women show earlier than others. I started showing pretty quickly (around 10 weeks) and now at 14 weeks by belly seems much bigger. But I was pretty slim (not skinny) and had almost no fat in my abdomen area. Is that why I'm showing or is it that my baby is bigger??


KLM - August 10

Everyone is just different. I was thin and just started showing, I'm 24 weeks. You could be carrying more fluids or retaining more water, or maybe its twins :) !!


Jessica - August 10

I am pretty much average but most would say slim and I am barely showing for 19 weeks. I thought there was something wrong but I measured perfect. I am tall however, and someone told me that the baby spreads out more when your tall so you don't show as quick. Don't know how true that one is.


Sara - August 10

I'm 19 and this is my first and I weighed 95 lbs at 5'2 and I'm 13 weeks and have gained 10-12lbs so far...So not all thin women show, but I would a__sume that we would because I don't know where else the baby has to go right now :P


Ca__sie - August 10

KLM is right. Everyone is different... however I'm 22 weeks now and pretty big. I was slim to begin with and everyone thought I was having twins (I'm not). The doc said I'm measuring a little big, so it may just be that my baby is a big ole baby! :-)


jena - August 10

angela, if you had no fat in your abdomen area, that's probably why. I do think that taller women can go longer without showing. i had no belly fat when I got pregnant and almost as soon as I did get prego, I got a little bulge! we later found out i'm having twins, but really that didn't have anything to do with it at the time - your body has nowhere to hide the baby. your baby could be bigger or just growing fast at the beginning - believe me, everything and everyone evens out at the end. congrats!


crystal - August 10

With both pregnancy's I didn't start showing until 5 1/2 months, and I was slim before I got pregnant with both of them. but everyone is different.


susie - August 10

Hi Angela... Im a big girl and im showing alot, i thought it would be hard for people to realise i was pregnant, i thought they would just keep me going about putting on alot of weight, but i am showing alot... i am 27weeks, i think it is just different for every woman... there are some slim girls who mightnt show that much until near the end of show really quickly and then there are overweight people like me who think in there minds there never going to feel pregnant but believe me i always feel pregnant. I feel the little kicks, movements, its b___terflying about its amazing and for being a big girl i can even see him kicking me... But i think it just depends on the woman itself weather they show or not


Pipi - August 11

The other day I went to see my nutritionist and she told me showing or not showing has nothing to do with under or overweight. It's really depending on what location your uterus lies. Some are more upfront and some are more tilted toward the back or middle. There some people show much more earlier than the others.


brit - August 11

I am also 19 and was 95 lbs before I got pregnant. I am 13 weeks and haven't gained a single pound yet. :( I had really bad sickness at first and lost nearly 10 lbs... but I am doing much better now! I have been hearing two different stories from people... some people say... I won't look pregnant til I am about to pop... and other people say I should start showing earlier since I am so thin. I don't think anyone really knows!!!


MaryEllen - August 12

I was 104 when I started and I am now only 27 weeks and already weigh 163...I started gaining weight like crazy...the doctors say it was because I was so small before and I also quit smoking when I found out which didnt help the weight factor


Chrissy - August 12

I am almost at 17 weeks, I put on my shorts today I found out that Idon't only fit into those , i don't fit into any so I am wearing my light weight pants from Kohls on almost a 100 degree day!! i am not bone thin, maybe slender I don't know. But I didn't think I would need new clothes for a while.I did buy stretchy pants from the maternity store. So I suggest you go there and do the same..they have great sales. I have to go back this weekend!!. I think these women are right too. Everyone grows differently being we all have differnt body types.


Kristy - August 13

I started showing early too. I was showing by 13 weeks. I am 5' 7 and I weighed 122 before I got prego.


Carolyn - August 16

I am 18 weeks and you can't really tell that I am pregnant, however I am wondering if any of you have this happening to you...when I wake up in the morning I have just as flat of a stomach as I ever have but by dinner there is a big bulge. I a__sume it is just water buildup or bloating?


Amy - August 24

Carolyn, to answer your question about being bigger at night - I am just over 17 weeks and do not really look pregnant. My tummy is much smaller in the morning too, but after dinner I look more pregnant. I've been concerned also that I'm not showing more by now (I am normally thin and 5'9). I don't know if that is due to bloating or possibly because your stomach is fuller at the end of the day or after you eat which pushes your tummy out more.


shelly - August 24

I was thin before getting pregnant and I'm showing. I'm 5'6" and WAS 123lbs when I found out I was preggers (I gained 5 lbs right before because I quit smoking when I started TTC.) I'm 14 weeks now and weight 131, and definately showing. I think when you're skinny, where else is your uterus gonna go, especially if your belly was flat, like mine was. Plus, I think it depends on if you had morning sickness or not, because most people who are sick don't gain weight or gain very little: I never got sick. Did you ever get sick Angela??


SaraL - August 24

I think Pipi's got it pegged. It all depends on your uterus tilt, shape, etc. With my first baby, I had people tell me even at the very end of the pregnancy that you couldn't tell I was pregnant at all by looking at me from the back. But the front... oh, lord, look out... I was huge. Now, with baby #2 I'm showing pretty good at 16 weeks and in maternity wear. But again baby's all in a little pouch all out front. Now that I can actually feel the outline of the baby in me I don't feel so bad and think I'm just all bloated or fat. :)



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