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LaurenKaylyn17 - July 11

Well, the 1st of this month was the beginning of my 5th month and I still am not sure if I've felt movement or not. I have some questions about it like, what exactly does it feel like? How can you tell? Is there certain food you can eat so the baby will move and if so.... I am still not sure what it should feel like. I know that I have felt SOMETHING... I just don't know what it is. So far I have felt butterflies.... like when you're driving down a steep hill and you get that weird feeling in your stomach, and like a sharp quick movement.... or it feels like someone is tickling me, sometimes it hurts to the point where I have to stop what I am doing and stay completely still. Gosh.... I just don't know.... any ladies that can answer any of the questions above would greatly help me... or EARLIEST and LATEST times you have felt movment. Thanks <3


alwaysamber - July 11

I am pregnant with my first and started to feel her move at about 22 weeks. This is the best way I think to describe it...its like if someone was to put there cheek to your stomach and move there tongue around against there cheek..does that make sense? You will definitely know when you feel it.:)


aggie03 - July 11

I dont care what anyone says, I felt my baby the one time, at 14 1/2 wks. It felt like a bubble gum bubble bursting. I have felt it again lately, 17 wks, expecially if I eat spicy food and only when I lay down on my back. I heard someone describe it like a fish pulling on a line... thats pretty dead on. (I know my body pretty well and started off pretty toned, dont know if that makes a difference)


Nell143 - July 13

Aggie I felt the same thing and I am 14 weeks.


Ericka - July 13

I am also pregnant with my first and felt him for the first time at about 18 weeks. It was only one strong kick and that was it. I didn't feel him again for about 3 weeks. At around 21 weeks I started to feel little movements. To me it feels like when you get a spasm in one of your muscles. Like Aggie, I felt him the most when I would lie on my back. Now I'm 25 weeks and I feel him pretty consistently.


venus_in_scorpio - July 14

im 21 weeks and this is my first. I feel the baby progressively more and more from probably week 18 or 19 I first felt it. :o)


srigles - July 14

I'm pregnant with my first (20 wks), and felt the first flutters at 15 weeks. Felt like I swallowed a bird the first time, and after that, the feeling changed to a kind of ga__sy feeling, but different somehow. Gas bubbles, maybe? Very intermittent, though, and it's just started to get more common in the past week or so. Then, last night I felt a solid kick for the first time. A lot of the time I only notice movement if it's quiet and I'm concentrating. Hope that helps!


Joelle - July 15

I put headphones on my belly and my baby started kicking and dancing around and now kicks lot the doctor told me they like hearing music :) and mine feel like pokes kinda


mandee25 - July 15

I felt slight movement at 15 weeks with this baby and it is my first pregnancy.


mandee25 - July 15

It feels like a fish swimming in a bowl inside of you.


Perl - July 17

Hi Lauren, I'm in my 22nd week. I felt baby movements several weeks ago too but it feels much different now. At first it felt like little air bubbles floating up against the inside of my skin and I'd only feel it once in a while. Now it is more frequent and regular and it feels like big muscle twitches. Yesterday I ate just a couple of tablespoons of ice cream and soon after I was feeling A LOT of movement. I can even feel it on my hand by putting my hand on top of my belly. But my dh has not been able to feel any movement yet.


LaurenKaylyn17 - July 17

Thank you for all of your replies, I am still not sure how to describe what I'm feeling now or if I'm even feeling anything. Buuuut... hopefully something happens soon... it's starting to worry me.



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