Do You Feel Your LO Is Kicking Punching Thru Your Vagina

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cattac - November 18

Has anyone else felt like this? I am feeling this a lot and I feel like the baby is waaay down there. This is my third pregnancy (1st girl) and at my 18.5 wk ultrasound (I'm now 21 weeks) the baby was breech. I remember feeling this toward the end during my second pregnancy. Do you think something's wrong or am I just being paranoid?


kay101 - November 18

I remember I called my doctor at work one night when I was pregnant with my daughter because I was getting shooting pains through my cervix. They can shove their little foot or whatever body part they choose down low and it can cause pressure and pain in your cervix or v____al area.


Mel Page - November 19

Cattac - I dont think u have anything to worry about babe, I'm now 25 weeks along and I feel my little girl kicking or punching down there everyday, me and my mom, joke and say that she's trying to stick het hand or her foot out to feel what the weather is like outside LOL LOL. Dont worry babe, as long as you dont have abnormal pain, you have nothing to worry about!! Love Melony XxXxX


cattac - November 19

Thanks gals...I remember with my last pregnancy that kicking/punching feeling toward the end and thinking oh maybe I'm dilating, etc. Last night I just felt like she was so so low. Do you guys feel like your baby's low at this stage? I dont remember my boys feeling this low but I never thought a girl would feel this low! I thought she'd be higher!


Astra - November 19

Thanks for asking the question. I feel like that too sometimes. When the kicking or moving feels so low. Also happy to be rea__sured this is normal.


cynthia502 - November 19

I am 19 weeks with twins and last night especially, I thought they were having their own NFL game way down there!!! ha ha - good luck ladies - this is my 4th pregnancy and it only gets better!!!! just wait until the baby gets up under your ribs! ha ha :-)


cattac - November 19

I have yet to have a baby under my ribs or kick me there (knock on wood!). I actually had called my dr before I posted this and just got a call back. She said that since I'd had two previous babies my uterus has stretched and it's normal for a baby to be a little lower. She also said the punching/kicking is normal for everyone so that made me feel better too!


cattac - November 21

Well I'm thinking this baby girl may have changed positions on me because I no longer feel the kicking/punching or bladder pressure like I was which is a very good thing to me! Today was the first day and yesterday she felt so low!


cayingo - November 21

BOth of mine (1st one girl and this one a boy) have been low. Both times I've had almost electric shock feleings suddenly thorugh my v____a. It's just the baby delivering a wallop in just that right spot to cause such a sensation. I don't worry about it though. As long as I con't to feel movement, and no real pain, I consider all right with the world.


cfuller - November 23

I had the same thing happen to me when i was at your stage. I was so afraid I was going to have my baby early and that she would fall out! Turns out that she just liked being on my bladder and everytime she moved it sent shocks all the way thru to my v____a. Anyway, since then she has turned head down and is in the position to engage and every once in a while when she gets the hiccups she hitsmy bladder and I get that feeling again. Don't worry, it's normal and you and your baby are fine :-)



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