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renaye - November 27

Hi all im just wanting to know how many of you know the s_x of your baby and why you found out we all have our reasons for knowing and not knowing as for me im not finding out and i dont want to know the time will come when i get to find out .the dad wants to know so bad but i said NO. also i had alots of mates who had babys this year and they were all girls i know more girls haveing baby around the same time as me and they are all haveing boys does it happen like that all girls at once then all boys ?????? it is real funny


BriannasMummy - November 27

I know that Im having a boy.. and for me.. I needed to know.. for preperation purposes. I have a serious need to have things in place before he arrives.. Im not a fan of yellow and white baby clothing, which is basically the only gender neutral colors besides some shades of green. I also see a pattern.. at certain times of the year.. there is a boom of boys.. or there is a boom of girls.. its funny how that works. Congrats on your little one and 2 thumbs up for being able to wait.. i just dont have it in me. ~Kristin~


goldfish - November 28

i had to have a aminocentesis done. I wanted to keep a copy of the results with me . However didnt know that we get to know that the s_x. that stupid clerk who sits on the front desk said u guys are having a boy. iam not sure whether i wanted to know however now i know


Mel Page - November 28

I'm having a girly and same as Kristin, I'm one of those mom's who just needs to know. So that I can have everything sorted by the time she arrives :-))


Chris1975 - November 28

Im having a boy....I just couldnt help myself from finding out asap hehe. Before i got pregnant i told everyone id wait til birth, but once i was seeing my little bub on the u/s from 6 weeks onwards, i knew i wanted to know as soon as possible. Pls it helped with the baby room theme and clothes and name, etc. Our neighbours and friends have already given us a complete wardrobe for boys from newborn to 6 we are set!! hehe


Rainbowbrite - November 28

I'm 24 weeks pregnant and me and my honey are having a little girl!!! I really just am not a patient person! As soon as i found out i was pregnant there was no way i was not going to find out! However not knowing takes alot of strength so you must be a very strong person! I wanted to also know so i could feel more bonded with the baby and know what he/she was doing! I didn't want to just call it baby! I wanted to address her by her name.. or him if it would've been a boy! Also my boyfriend has two boys from a previous relationship so that is the only reason i had a preference of a girl but i know i'd been ECSTATIC with a boy as well!!!! And actually any of the dreams i had about babies were that i had a baby boy! And it made me want a baby boy after i had my dreams!


cynthia502 - November 28

This is my 4th pregnancy. My first one, we didn't find out and wanted it to be a surprise and it was - it was a boy. The 2nd one, was supposed to be my last pregnancy, and I wanted to go all out if it was a girl, so we found out and it was a girl. I then got divorced, remarried sometime later and got pregnant again. We wanted it to be a surprise and it was - it was a boy!!! This current pregnancy, again we wanted it to be a surprise, however, we found out at 13 weeks we were having twins and so last week at my 19 week u/s we had to know to get prepared and we are having 2 boys (most likely identical). I admire you to wait! I love the surprise factor and would have liked to have waited with these guys, but with 2 arriving, I needed to started getting organized now, since our youngest just turned 2 last week!!! :-)


sarah21 - November 28

I found out just this Monday that I am having a girl. I am 23 weeks along now, so I had to wait longer than most people. I was so excited to find out in the beginning, then as I had to keep waiting for my ultrasound I almost decided against finding out what it was, but then I saw all the cute baby gear and wanted to know what I could look forward to so I went ahead and got the ultrasound. It was kind of disappointing to not have the surprise anymore but I'm glad to know. And WOW Cynthia! Congrats on the twin boys.


Happymommy - November 28

Hi! I am 25 weeks, and we are not finding out. We knew with our first--accidentally, lol , and were surprised with our second. I agree with you renaye, there are reasons for both. Sometimes I think it would be fun to know so that I could buy cute, gender-specific stuff. But, being surprised at the birth was such an awesome experience that we would never dream of doing anything differently!


renaye - November 28

well thanks for the feback Congrats on the babys every one good on ya be strong and good luck with baby in some cases babys



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