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chrissy - May 10

I have a doctor visit today and do they do anything different this month besides listening to the heart beat and routine weight???


M - May 10

no i dont think so


ti ti - May 10

I think thats all I had to do.


Heidi - May 10

I'm only at 16.5 wks and that's all she's ever done. Just yesterday was the first time she measured my stomach or whatever to see where my cervix was or whatever. Otherwise I show up, pee in a cup, listen to the heart, ask a few of MY questions and out the door I go!


chrissy - May 10

yea thats all we have ever done and it just seems like there is more to it ya know. I know my glucose screening is coming up and I am very anxious because I have hypoglycemia and I want to make sure everything is ok.


Beth - May 10

Chrissy, have you already found out the s_x of the baby? I have an apt today to and they have not done the u/s yet.


raquel - May 10

i have a doctor appt too iam 25 weeks and i having glucose test its normally done 24-28 weeks i'am a little nervous


chrissy - May 10

yea we found out when i was 19 weeks that it was a boy....beth how many weeks are you?


LoLo - May 10

Hi grils~ I'm 20 weeks today and found out a couple weeks ago that it's a girl. Madison Charli is her name. Anyway, has anyone had the feeling that something heavy is about to fall out when they walk? I'm not showing yet, the last visit I had only gained 3 pounds but when I walk sometimes, it hurts in my lower abdomen, like somehting is about to fall out :( Anyone else had this feeling? Thanks!


Erin - May 10

I had my 24 week appt. today too!! Pretty routine...pee, weight, measure my tummy, heartrate, questions....and glucose test today. It wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. Chrissy: What is your due date? I'm Aug.28


chrissy - May 10

Hey everyone well my appt went fine and they did exactly the same as always but this time they measured my tummy...never did that be4...glucose test in 3 weeks, hope that turns out alright...Erin: My DD is Aug. has your pregnancy been?


raquel - May 11

Iam due on aug,24 i can't wait


Erin - May 11

Chrissy: So far so good!! I had some bleeding issues when I was about 12 weeks (bacterial infection...scared me to take the meds, but everything seems fine). Other than that, everything has been super! I'm getting so big, and it b__ws my mind I've still got months to go!!! How about you? Do you know what you're having?


chrissy - May 11

I am having a boy...Andrew Mark...yea i have gained 10 lbs and I feel so huge. Pre-preg weight was 105 and now I am at 115. I feel like I am carrying a huge load in front of me. I am ready to have him and I got 3 more months left. Tonite my whole body hurts and my belly feels very tight and there is a lot of pressure. I just took some tylenol (which i am not proud of) but i am in so much pain. uh i hope i get to sleep soon.



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