Doctor Visits Just Wondering

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Amara - May 12

Does your spouse go to your doctor visits with you? If not, does it make you upset?


chrissy - May 12

At 1st...yes it did bother me that he never wanted to go...and he did go when I was 19 weeks so find out the s_x of the baby with me...but I figure the appointment takes like maybe 10 whats the point for him to just come in see how much weight ive gained measure my belly and listen to the heartbeat....he will be coming in with me when it gets a lot later in my pregnancy. I figure at 8 months when u go every week he could come in for support since u never know when the baby could come...


KrisD - May 13

Last time I was at the doctor, my husband and I were standing at the reception desk making our next appointment. When the woman said, "How does May 26th at 9 a.m. sound?" My husband stepped up and said, "Sure, that works for me." What? I wanted to say "Oh, are YOU having this baby?" It was kind of funny, but now I have him quoting things the doctor said and stuff. This time I am going by myself. I don't need him to watch me step on a scale and wait outside the door while I pee in a cup. So I guess the gra__s is always greener... Men are different. As long as he was there for the u/s, I think that is great!


Beth - May 13

Mine makes sure to make it to every apt with me! Although half the time he sits there and looks board, he still goes!! :0)


RAQUEL - May 13



Heidi - May 13

Mine went to my first ultrasound at 11 wks and then went to my 16 wk appt with me and go figure, it was the first time I actually had to WAIT for 45 minutes to see my doc! He was good about it though but when she said I had gained a lot of weight he had to give me c___p about that. I don't care either way if he goes or not. Nothing really happens anyway. They listen for the heartbeat and ask a few questions and out the door I go. He'll be at my 20 wk ultrasound though.


nm - May 14

He went with me to the u/s visits. The appts only take 10 min so, I don' t even ask him to go.


Maleficent - May 14

with this pregnancy he's only been able to go to the u/s. he's in the military so his schedual isn't exactly one that allows him alot of days off. i know he'd come if he could, he wants to at least meet the doctor before the big day. it doesn't bother me that he's not there with me, partly because he cant be, but mostly becasue he's very active and tuned in to me, the pregnancy, and the kids when he is home.


m - May 14

mine does, but only if it's really important. Like in the beginning we had a couple ultrasounds, and then test procedure, but the last two regular visits I didn't feel he needed to take off work for them. He has an important job, so just taking off on some days is not possible, but he makes the time for the more important issues. It doesn't upset me at all if he can't go.


Tammy - May 14

With my las pregnancy. my husband went faithfully. With this one, I make the appointments during the day so he can't come(seems a little mean?). He likes my doctor an he talks too much about things off the subject. When I went into labor with my son my husband almost did a cartwheel when he found out that his "favorite doctor was going to deliver.


Melissa - May 14

My husband does not go to my regular monthly appointments, but he does go to ultrasounds. It does not bother me at all. Actually, I dont think I would want him to come to every appointment. I dont know about you guys, but my doctors appointments are pretty uneventful, last time the only cool thing was that my doc used the doppler to hear the heart, but only for about 5 seconds.


Lily - May 14

Yes, my hubby insists on coming along to every check up. He pretty good about it. He'll usually bring a book along, until the interesting things happen. It's then, that he starts paying attention. But he does insist on being there. I find it really nice to have him there. But to be honest, it wouldn't bother me none if he couldn't make it. Our next appointment is June 1, that's when we'll find out the gender of our first baby.


trish - May 15

yes he goes to every dr visit, ultrasound, and anything else pregnancy related. We set the appts for his days off from work.


Babygirls1st - May 20

Besides the first 2 appts,Mine goes to all of my monthly appts. He is happy to go..I just glad he wants to be involved


NickieDo - May 20

Hubby went with me to my first 2 appts, the 2nd I had my first ultrasound...he got queasy. This is our first child so I felt like those 2 appts were important, but it makes him a little uncomfortable, so If he can't handle going, then I won't force him. He's VERY supportive otherwise :)


SE - May 20

It sounds like we have a good group of guys here. Last time my husband actually whipped out a notepad and took notes as the doctor was answering my questions. The big dork! And I mean that affectionately, of course. :)


Kristin - May 20

Hubby didnt go to my first visit because it wasnt enough notice, but he has been at every single one since then, and plans to be at every one in the future!



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