Doctor Won T Disclose Sex Of Baby Anyone Else

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jenrodel - May 3

Hi everyone! I have my ultrasound scheduled for May 19th, when I will be one day short of 20 weeks. We have been waiting and waiting for this day, and are dying to find out the s_x of the baby. It is our first, and we want to be able to buy clothes ahead, decorate, name the baby instead of always having to say "the baby" etc... My problem is, my Doctor told me that depending on what Doctor does my scan, they may or may not tell me the s_x of the baby. I know it is very common here (British Columbia Canada) for them not to tell you... does anyone else have this issue? I will be so upset if they refuse to tell me. It seems like it should be our right to know. I can understand if they can't distinguish the s_x, but if they can, I hate that they can choose to keep in from me. Anyone have any thoughts on this??


HannahBaby - May 3

I had my ultrasound with my first baby and the tech wouldent even LOOK she said that ultrasounds are for checking the welfare of the baby, not to determine the gender. I made a big stink about it and demanded another u/s and got it. I found out it was a girl 2 weeks later. Good luck


HannahBaby - May 3

I live in NY, by the way. The us tech was just nasty, did a quick us and didnt show us anything. I complained to my dr and they set up another one right away.


ThePezChick - May 3

I can't understand that. Why not tell if you want to know? I had an ultrasound last week at 17 weeks and they asked me and my husband if we wanted to know. When we said, "yes" she told us it was a boy. What's the deal with doctors not letting you know in British Columbia? What's the reason? Just curious...


Been There - May 3

Jenrodel, is it because of them being scared of being held liable if they're not right? HannahBaby, you did the right thing. That u/s tech should have been reprimanded for being so mean to you.


CallMeAshleyM - May 3

Hey My sugestion is going online to the U/S Gallerys and studying what a baby at this gestation would look like. Boy parts and girl parts. THEN ask the tech to just show you the parts and take a pic. s/he wont have to tell you anything! You can take it home and muse over it. maybe submit it online and let others make guesses. Sounds fun and it would solve your problem, if the tech is willing to work with you! Ashley


divinelibra - May 3

WOW!!!! i was 17 weeks when they told me. she screamed it out pointing to his little rocket! she was as excited as we were! i couldn't imagin what i would do if they withheld that information from us! are they allowed to do that? i mean really, legally, allowed to with hold that information? mean dr.s! i am so sorry! i would raise hell!!!!! he he, but thats me. good luck.


SuzieQ - May 3

HI Jen - I'm from Victoria and facing the same thing. I asked my doc if the u/s tech will tell me and he said they "probably" would but I would have to ask. I have it on Friday (sooo close!!!) and I plan on just pretending that I a__sume they will tell me, and just act excited to know the s_x. I think that they don't tell you sometimes because of religion preferences, although I could be wrong on that.


new mommy - May 4

my brother lives in BC too, they wouldn't tell them either. Something about the abortion rate when people find out it is a girl. I would be really upset if they didn't tell me. Although I am living in germany and my doctor says that they often can't tell until birth. What I wouldn't give for american/canadian technology right now.


mommatx - May 4

an abortion just because its a girl? thats absolutely horrible! When my mother was pregnant with me the doctors refused to tell her that i was a girl. It was the policy that the military doctors had at the time. But I have a seven year old sister, who was born while my dad was still active duty and they were willing to tell then. I think that if it is against someones religious beliefs to find out the s_x, then that is something for them to remain faithful to themselves, not force on others.


Rebekah B - May 4

Yet another reason why I love my Country! I saw the gender right away on our ultrasound. The Tech didn't need to say a word (but she did!) Maybe you can find some ultrasound pics online to give you an idea of what you should look for.


EllieBaby - May 4

Can you call ahead of time and say that you want to know the s_x and want to be seen by a doctor that will tell you. I almost had that problem, I live im California and the hospital I plan on giving birth at wont tell you if you have your u/s there so my dr sent me somewhere else from the beginning.


littlemama1022 - May 4

I live in Virginia and my doctor actually schedules an extra U/S after 20 weeks just for gender determination.(If the parents want to know) It may just be my doctor though, he does have a machine in his office.


jenrodel - May 4

Thanks everyone for your suggestions - I may try calling ahead to see if they can schedule me with a Dr. who is willing to tell me... and yes, I believe the reasoning, or at least I have heard, is due to certain religous / cultural beliefs and the fact that some will have an abortion if it is not a boy baby. Which makes me even angrier... just because there are some people out there who would do that, doesn't mean I don't have the right to know the gender of my baby! But thanks for the suggestions, I will let you know how it goes!


Micky - May 4

In some countries, it is illegal to disclose the s_x of the baby..


18wbabynov - May 4

wow... im new on the whole 2nd tri. so, at what week will they tell you, or are they able to tell? i would think it wouldnt be such and issue to know the s_x of the baby... they dont care... but WE DO!


JJB - May 4

OK, first of all glad I lice in Ontario rahter than BC. But a possible reason for not telling is for abortion purposes?! Please. I know alot of the times the tech won't tell, you have to wait for your next doc's appt so they won't be liable if they're wrong. Anyways, good luck! Hopefully you'll find one who'll give you the news & hoping your baby will have it's legs uncrossed!!



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