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Ronni - November 14

i was just wondering what happens when everyone goes to see their doctor. i go every 4 weeks, but my appointments are quick, he weighs me, i pee, check my blood pressure and he listens to the baby's heartbeat. Is that what happens to everyone else? anything different? just want to make sure i am having everything done. Thanks..........:)


Tara - November 14

Yes, that's all that happens. Around 25 weeks you should get a glucose test. It doesn't seem like much, I know.


Ronni - November 14

thanks tara.


Shawna E. - November 14

That is all that occurs at my visits, too. He did tell me that at my next visit (I will be 23 weeks) he would begin measuring my fundal height from pubic bone to top of uterus to see if it matches my weeks. The doctor does take time to answer questions I might have (and I always do!), but the visits seem much more brief than what is described in the pregnancy books. I've only had two pelvic exams in the almost 21 weeks so far of this pregnancy... one at my 2 month visit and one about a month ago when I had some fears that I was about to lose the baby. He doesn't do as much palpating of my uterus as I expected... he just does a compulsory check as he is looking for the heartbeat. While the doctor's visits are rea__suring, they are not what I expected. Since I've had three failed pregnancies before (two of which had bad signs the entire brief time), I was used to being rigorously checked each visit, complete with pelvic exams and much palpating. That was a different doctor, as well. I suppose that having a (thankfully) problem-free pregnancy results in fewer intense exams... but it certainly was not what I expected after reading about how the doctor would be checking my b___sts, swelling in my feet and legs, measure my uterus each visit, and all of the other things that the books mention! I have to think that such visits in non-high-risk pregnancies must be the norm, since the other patients in the office are in and out as quickly as I am!


Yep - November 14

Yep, that's all that has happened at mine until I was 36 weeks and they start doing internal. The only other thing is at about 28 weeks or so you should get blood drawn to test for Gestational Diabetes.


me - November 14

Yep, sounds right. Usually I see more of the nurse than the doctor, which is fine with me. She's nice & does most of the procedures anyway. On occasion, you'll have something extra happen, like an in-office ultrasound or internal exam or test, for example. You & your baby are probably healthy enough for everything to be quick & routine. Be glad.


anita - November 15

i go through Exactly the same thing. except i usually have an hour long wait in the waiting room before he sees me.


Tess - November 15

From my last 2 appt w/ my OB the nurse would weigh me in, take my blood pressure and ask me Q's if I have any concern or whatever. Then Doctor would come in, see my chart, evaluate and then we would listen to our baby's heartbeat. Im almost 14wks pregnant this friday 11/18, so I guess thats about right. Its also done every 4wks :)


ronni - November 16

thanks for all your answers.



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