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Allie - March 11

Does anybody on here have big babies? If so how big? and how was delivery?


ekay - March 11

I know they aren't huge, but my babies weighed 8lbs3oz. and 8lbs1oz. and were both 21 1/2 and 21 3/4 inches long. Labor wasn't that bad-epidural with the 1st and natural except for tiny shot of Nubaine with the 2nd.


gerri - March 11

ekay, that is big!!!!!! Allie what's your reason for asking? Are you anticipating a large bundle of joy?


Allie - March 11

Gerri.....I was just curious to see how many big babies are out there.....My 1st baby was a boy and he was 8lbs3oz..... My 2nd baby was a girl and she was 9lbs.... My 3rd baby was a boy and he was 10lbs5oz...... Im 16 weeks pregnant and im scared is baby will be even bigger.


vmchatters - March 28

guess it depends on what you consider big. My first was 9 lbs 14 oz. My second was 9 lbs and 11 oz. My last was 8 lbs 12 oz. When she came out I asked where the rest of her was! she seemed so small compared to my others and especially because they were predicting she would be 11 lbs. I was so freaked out about an 11 lb baby. My hubby said it wasn't that much bigger than 9 14. I couldn't belive he said that, after comparing the difference coming out of a body part of his, he quickly changed his mind and supported my concern. all for not as she was tiny. First delivery was rough but mostly because I couldn't get my contractions regular and thus wouldn't dialate. Once they started pitocin it went better. I pushed for almost 3 hours but had a successful v____al delivery. With my second it was time to push and I had a terrible cold. I stopped to cough and the midwife told me to keep up the coughing it was working just fine as a push. My son came out so easily. The third being so much smaller was a breeze! Only problem with all 3 was getting those contracitons going. It always amazes me how the body can accomodate and change so much for pregnancy. I never would have thought I could deliver such a large first baby v____ally. Just remember, your body is capable of more than you think and there are lots of ways to help a big baby along. Even if C-section is the only option....when you are holding your baby in your arms it will be worth it. Good luck to you. Are you expecting a big baby?


candy - March 28

i had a baby boy who was 9.2 and 22 1/2 in long....i pushed him out in 10 min and he broke his collar bone and was in the hospital for a week with respritory distress....i wish was a lil easier after the labor....labor was fine tho...


Beth - March 28

This is my first baby for myself but my sister's first son was 10lbs 21 1/2 inches long! Her second son was 9 1/2 pounds, and I forget his length :0(. My sister is 5' 11'' and is stick skinny, almost to skinny so I do not know where those babies weights came from. When my first nephew was born and his head came out the nurses were in complete shock!


Maleficent - March 28

i've heard that it's not the size of the baby that matters as much as the babys head size. candy, that must have been scary! but i don't think it's something that happens very often. how is your baby now?


jen - March 30

i am slightly concerned too. my 20 week scan sized the baby to be that of a 22 week old foetus (dates are correct) at 5 months i look like i am 7 months. i am 5' 11" and my husband is 6' 6" and he was 9 lbs 8oz 6 weeks premature. i am going to give birth to an elephant!!



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