Does Anyone Else Itch

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Kristin - February 28

My stomach itches so bad, and I mean I scratch it until i get these red bumps and i have little red scabs all over my belly, nad even on my sides i itch so bad, i sometimes take a comb just to itch it. And when i get in the shower it burns but it feels so good just to itch? Does anyone else have this problem? Is this normal? I am in my 14th week.


kat - February 28

ive not tested pos but ive not had a normal period for 4 months now,had all the signs and a growing tummy(not fat as different shape)etc and also itchy stomach,it drives me crazy sometimes but its not good to scatch it as it can tear the skin as its thinner during pregnancy which can cause stretch marks,have you tried using coco b___ter on it? or some kind of soothing cream,when it gets itchy use cream instead of scratching.


DANIELLE - March 1



Maleficent - March 1

scratching does not cause stretch marks, stretching causes stretch marks. the most soothing thing i found for an itchy belly was lotion. my dr told me to put the lotion in the freezer, it thinkens it up. sounds crazy but it worked great.


W - March 1

Oil ur stomach I found it does wonder's (baby oil)!


Kristin - March 1

Thank you ladies, i went to the drug store last night and bought me some of the miracle working coco b___ter and finally had a night of itch relief:)


daniela - May 13

get aveeno anti-itch cream it works well!


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - May 13

Sounds like PUPPS to me. Look it up on google and compare. If so call your Dr. ASAP and don't take no for an answer for treatment. I had this with my son and my Dr. nurse kept telling me over the phone that it was stretch marks itching. WRONG!!!! There are creams a dermatologist can give you. Don't suffer. Nothing over the conter helps. Heat makes it worse so stop taking hot showers. GL


Kristin - May 13

Hello Sonya, well I am about 23 weeks now, and they have subsided. I do get skin irritation though every once in awhile and if these dont go away then i will be telling the doctor when i have my appointment on the 25th. **HUGS**


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - May 13

Kristin, my pupps did not show up until very late in my pregnancy but from what I have read it can appear quite early in pregnancy. I really really hope you don't have this. It was miserable. GL, Hugs.



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