Does Anyone Ever Feel Quot Depressed Quot

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suze42 - January 21

I dont know if the weather (its cold and wintery here) or the hormones, but some days I am just so in the dumps...I just wanna sleep or cry. Usually the next day im fine...but its a yucky feeling. Just wondering if anyone else was affected this way. Thanks :(


Tracy88 - January 21

Suze, I get like that too. One little thing will set me off and then for two days I am just in a slump, feeling like I just want to cry. Last week it started while I was watching A Baby Story. I watch that show all the time, but that day in particular I cried and that was just the tip of the iceberg. Then I almost got in a bad accident because of some careless f***, and I just started crying. Those waves of sadness come probably every two weeks and the feelings just stick like glue. I may be sad or grumpy or whatever. I also have great, productive, busy days and then one day I just can't seem to get motivated to do anything.....not even go to the mall to buy myself something!!!! Like going to Blockbuster even becomes out of the question.


suze42 - January 21

Not that Im glad you get this too...but Im glad Im not the only one!! I just forced myself to go out for a walk...I bundled up and actually it was quite nice. I really want my funk to end....I know DH is just keeping his distance at this Tommorrow is another day! :)


jodie - January 21

oh suz...that sounds so sad!! I also have days kinda like that. I don't get so much depressed but I just don't want to do anything. Now that I'm in the second trimester things have gotten alot better. So maybe you will slowly start to lose the funk!!! Good luck to you!!


Tracy88 - January 21

I don't know man, I'm in the second trimester (23 weeks) and it hasn't gone away yet. The only thing that has gone away are my horrific headaches!


suze42 - January 21

Thx! Im sure Im about to turn the energy will come back, the weather will get warmer and I can get down my cute spring/summer maternity clothes! I just need a little sun and fun! :) tracy, I get horrible headaches also. Im hoping these will go away soon too.


suze42 - January 22

Ladies, I feel so much better today!!! I cant believe it. No headache and lots of energy. I went shopping all morning! I sure hope ive turned the corner. Thx for the support !


krnj - January 22

Hi Suze, I get like that all the time. I cry for no reason sometimes. I get bored being with the baby in the house all day! I'm sure the winter doesn't help any. Glad you're feeling better today!


jodie - January 23

Yea suze!! Glad your feeling better today!! Don't you love shopping!!! Shopping always makes me feel better!! : )


shygirly - January 26

That has been me my WHOLE Pregnancy! I was a very happy outgoing person before i got pregnant and i am happy about my pregnancy but i feel so depressed everyday



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