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Erin - July 19

Hi girls, juat wondering if anyone feels like me, well i am married and feel like i am going though this pregnancy alone, i feel i have no support of my husband, mother or mother inlaw or anyone and i know when our little girl comes out there all going to be all over her and stuff and i will be left out and feel like i am just a breeder to them as they were not there for me when i needed them. Its my first pregnancy and i feel so alone, does anyone eles feel this why or is it just my making something out of nothing?. thanks girls


hs - July 19

Yes I know how you feel. I feel that way a lot of the time. Like nobody really asks me about it or how I'm doing. My boyfriend doesn't really feel for the baby kicking. He has once or twice and only because I said she's kicking up a storm. So I feel like I'm in this alone a lot of the times. When all my other sisters were pregnant it was such a big deal and it's all anyone talked about and had big showers for them but 16 years later it's my turn and it's not a big deal and some of them haven't even said congrats and I'm already 27 wks pregnant. My one sister-in-law gets just irate if someone forgets one of their girls' b-days and won't talk to you for months but yet I haven't heard congrats out of her mouth either. So I know how you feel. Makes me want to just keep the baby away from all of them when she's born and tell them to all p__s off!


bg - July 19

I know how you feel. I want to be pampered by my fiancee. I want to feel special and appreciated for my willingness to have his child. I'm 36 yrs old and it IS a sacrafice at my age to be willing to put my body thru this out of love for him. He should really show me how much he loves me NOW more than ever. He is unsympathetic to my bad headaches lately. And I am oh so emotional right now anyway. Why can't they just bite the bullet right now? Sorry for my rant, but I want to be babied for once in my life. Normally I'm NOT like this, I swear. lol My family just thinks I'm crazy for starting over so late in life, why can't they just be happy for me???



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