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shelley - July 22

i was wondering if anyone has had this my stomach is bigger and harder at the top then it is at the bottom how can this be when my uterus (sorry i think i spelled that wrong) is in the middle of my belly botton so i would think the lower part of my stomach would be bigger, thanks for any input!


Sarah - July 22

Maybe you are just carrying higher. How far along are u?


Melissa - July 22

I am 18 wks and had my first visit to the antenatal clinic at my hospital on wednesday. The doctor told me my uterus is in line with my belly b___ton. I thuoght that was odd as my stomach goes out from the top....he advised me it is because my uterus is expanding and pushing everything upwards.


Wanda / NY - July 22

Hi Shelley - It's so funny you ask that because yesterday I had my monthy check up and asked my doctor that very same question. She said that its just everything being pushed up and if it happens more after I eat (which it does) then it's because I ate too much (imagine that!...lolol) and the digestive system is slower now. By the way Im 16 wks. How far along are you?


shelley - July 22

hi and thanks for your input everyone i am glad i am not the only one! hi wanda i just turned 19 weeks today when is your due date?


Wanda/ NY - July 22

My due date is 1/3. Do you know the s_x of the baby. Hopefully I'll find out 8/16 if it spreads it's legs.lololol


Jaci - July 22

OMG! I am so glad that it's normal. I can actually SEE my belly getting bigger on the top and sides (they are hard) but my lower and mid sections are still a little jelloish...not so hard. I'm only 17 weeks but look like i'm about 6 months! LOL! That's funny!


Cindy - July 22

Hi Ladies.When your uterus grows your intestines and all your other organs need a place to go. So that could explain why you look bigger on the top part of your stomach


LTJ - July 23

This is my second preggers so I started showing way early and from what I understand by drs and experienced moms it is because your body has already been stretched before and espically from carrying really high up like i did with my son.



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