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Bella - July 8

Is it true that if you are overweight b4 getting pregnant that you might not feel the baby move as soon and you might not start to show as soon either????, I have heard this and just didnt know if it is true...I am 225 and 23 weeks....I have not gained any weight and dont really feel pregnant dont seem like you can tell by looking at me and I dont feel much movement at all maybe every 2 or 3 days


Ruth - July 8

Yah, this is the same thing my pregnancy books say. It's because when you're overweight you have the extra layers of fat. This causes it to take longer to show and may cause it to take longer for you to feel the baby. I am 28 weeks and pre-preg. I weighed about 175, now I weigh 205. I started feeling movement about 20-22 weeks. I started looking pregnant at about 23-25 weeks.


Bella - July 8

What about not gaining weight???


Jennifer - July 8

Bella, I started my pregnancy overweight at around 160 pounds. I'm only about 5' 3 also. I am 17 weeks and have only gained about 3-4 pounds. It fluctuates daily. My Dr. told me not to be concerned if I didn't gain any weight at all. He said that since most women eat healthier when they are pregnant. You actually lose some of the fat you had stored before you become pregnant. He said as long as you are eating healthy daily, the baby gets all the nutrition he/she needs.


bump - July 8



Marivic - July 8

Even if you're not considered overweight it would still be perfectly normal to not gain any weight during pregnancy. If you're underweight they really want you to gain, but in your case I wouldn't worry about it, especially at 23 weeks. You could still gain around 15 lbs. (I think that's what they recommend if you're overweight) as you have almost half the pregnancy ahead of you yet. Also, you could not be feeling movement because of being overweight, but the placenta could also be towards the front in which case you wouldn't feel kicks/movement through that until later in the pregnancy. I'm sure everything's fine - good luck! ~ Marivic 18w1d


Wanda - July 8

Before I got pregnant, I weighed 189. Now I am at 200 and 21 weeks. At first, I didn't gain much weight (3 pounds), but for my dr apt at 19 weeks, I had gained 8 in a month. I haven't had a hard time feeling the baby move, but this is my 3rd pregnancy, and so they say you feel it sooner with subsequent pregnancies. I did start showing early, and it was noticable because I wear clothes that are not baggy, so that also makes a difference. Good luck!


karlie - July 8

Bella, I am in the same boat as you, Istarted out at about 205. Now I am at 189 due to a bit of Morning sickness up to this point. I am 20 weeks Sunday, and I think THINK Ive fealt the baby maybe twice, but I am deffinately not showing. My pants are snugger and I feel Blimpy all aver, (dont know where the 15 pounds came from...) I am so looking forward to showing and feeling my baby boy soon. Keep me updated on whats going on with you.


Jbear - July 10

I'm overweight and have been during both of my pregnancies. I think it takes longer to feel the baby move during your first pregnancy, because your muscles aren't stretched out, and because you don't know what you're looking to feel. I felt my daughter move at 20 weeks into my first pregnancy (I was 285 at the start). By 26 weeks my husband could feel her kick through my belly. I never really looked pregnant, my neighbors were asking if I had adopted when I brought her home. I also weighed 270 right after she was born, less than I started out at. With my second pregnancy, I started feeling the baby move regularly at 18 weeks. By 20 weeks my husband could feel the kicks. I weighed 245 at the beginning. I was showing by the end of the third month, and already wearing maternity clothes. I'm 32 weeks now, and my belly looks like a very firm beach ball (only time in my life my belly's ever been firm). This is a good website for plus-sized pregnant women. Some of the pregnancy books (what to expect when you're expecting) are just not fat-friendly, and it makes you wonder how they can talk about being overweight and pregnant when they probably haven't done it themselves. There's also a yahoo group called OPSS that you can join if you're pregnant and at least fifty pounds overweight.


karlie - July 11

I totally agree about the what to expect book!! all this "you should be in Maternity clothes by 12-14 weeks", bull!! Congrats on loosing some of the weight after your first baby JBear!! I hope I am able to loose a bit too. I think Ive been feeling my baby this week, its so exciting, but it is nerveracking when you dont feel him for a couple days, but I know this early the movemnets are very erratic, maybe I havent fealt anything yet...who knows!!


Connie - July 11

I am too over-weight. I am 24 weeks pregnant and haven't gained anything but 1lb. I too don't feel pregnant and do get a little concerned with me not showing yet.


corissa - July 11

i was 227 when i got pregnant. I lost 20 lbs and now i am 230 and 24 weeks. I am starting to show and i feel the baby move 100 times a day. So...foowy on the books!


jk - July 13

Well I think that there is something very wrong with you girls being like 23 weeks and not even feeling pregnant, that is just not normal maybe you should go to a diff doc that knows a little something, And not even gaining thats just not healthy.....You should be feeling alot of movement and be showing and most of all you should be feeling pregnant my now for sure


karlie - July 13

Excuse me miss jk, I'm sure most of us have voiced our concerns with our doctors, and as long as they say there is nothing to worry about, then YOU should not go and try to get us all worried. Are you thin?! Sounds like it!! It is different for the "bigger girls" and there are many reasons that we may or may not be felling our babys yet. First of all, read the entries, WE ARE BIGGER, therefore there is a bit more fat that the baby has to kick through, and also, back to the stupid books, I will even say that most of them say that it that you may not feel your baby until 23-24 weeks. Not to mention that this may be the first pregnancy for many of us, and it is a new experience that we just arent used to yet. I dont understand why you are trying to upset 10 people that only come on here to get support and good advise. Advising us to change dr.'s because our bodies are different than yours is just ludicrous!! You seriously need to think about what and how you say things to people, you really have the potential to damage someone emotionally during this already emotionally draining and stressful, (Yet very very exciting) time.


Animom - July 13

I started my pregnancy overweight at around 160lb. I am now 22 wks and gained so far 10lb. Not showing that much. It is quite normal and baby is fine. It’s my 2nd and I started feeling movement little late at 19 wks. Every body is different, every pregnancy is different. These are all normal. I totally agree with Karlie about JK. We can't write or tell anything to hurt others. We are here to help and support each other. Good Luck.


Jbear - July 14

For anyone who is worried about not gaining weight yet, you'll most likely gain it in the third trimester. And when you're feeling the baby move, fat layers don't really prevent you from feeling the baby move on the inside (my fat has feelings, too :-). A padded tummy will keep others from feeling movement through your stomach as soon as a smaller woman might, but by the time you're 20-22 weeks, you've probably already felt the baby move, but you just don't recognize the feeling. It feels like gas at first. About showing: if you want to look pregnant, start wearing maternity tops. Motherhood sells plus-sized maternity stuff, so does Fashion Bug, and lane bryant and jc penny do online. Anyone who doesn't feel pregnant yet, be glad you feel so good. All I want to do is lie in bed all day. When I sit for long I get a pain in my tailbone, when I stand my thighs start to go numb, and if I lie on my back I can't breathe. I sweat buckets every time I go outside, and I've outgrown all of my maternity clothes. I wish I didn't feel pregnant right now.



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