Does Depression Affect Your Baby

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Kaly - May 23

Hi all, I am kinda depressed from a lotta things and unable/donot have an outlet to express my feelings any other way than getting emotional and crying it out. yeah, am being a cry baby, on top of my hormones, my feelings are partly shunned and i'm partly closing myself to my DH. Anyway, sorry about the boring stuff, but i am really worried if it will affect our baby?? I have seen a tv show(loong time back) that says brain activity is slower in babies whose mothers are depressed. But dietwise, i make sure i eat well for the baby and everything. I don't know what kind of help i am asking right now but feels good to let it out a little. Thanks for listening.


SE - May 23

There was a really interesting radio program on NPR last summer about pregnancy and mental health. You can find it at You can listen to the show straight from this website, and there is also some text about what is discussed. They discuss both severe mental illness and also milder forms of depression. Just as a comfort to you, you should realize that there are several medications that are considered safe during the second and third trimesters, so even though you probably won't want or need them, it might be nice to know that you have that to fall back on in case it gets worse. In any case, have you considered talking to a counselor or therapist? I grew up in a very ordinary family and have an ordinary life with ordinary problems (in other words, no abuse or any kind of disorder) but I have been seeing a therapist every other week for the past four years. Therapy isn't just for people who are "sick" or who have "big enough" problems. The more we get to know ourselves, the more effective we can be in life and the happier we can be. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now. I just think it is one of the best things to have happened in my life and I wish other "ordinary" people knew therapy can be good for them as well. And by the way (I guess I'm not off my soapbox yet!) it doesn't have to be expensive. My insurance actually covers 20 sessions per year and I just pay a $15 co-pay. There are many other options out there as well. I hope you feel better soon. One of the doctors on that radio program talks about the effects depression can have on the fetus but concludes with, "in the long run what really counts is a stable, affirming, and loving environment." It sounds like you will be a wonderful, caring mother so I'm sure your baby will do great. What does your husband do when you close yourself off to him? Best of luck.


Kaly - May 23

Thanks SE, for writing to me in such a nice way, i have just opened the link you sent. I will speak to my ob-gyn the next visit, but the problem is it's not a 24/7 thing and when i do feel sad, i cannot get myself up to do anything. the other night i was upset, i sat up and stared at nothing for 2 hours, crying on and off. And when i'm up and on, i am normal. Abt my dh, he just understood a bit that i'm not feeling so well from when he asked me if i was depressed and i didn't answer it. Anyway, he's busy with his work and a lot of other stuff he takes care of and mostly tries to do what i like so i don't bother him with much, except i can't hide when i am upset and he's right beside me. Good to know about the insurance, i think my insurance also covers it i guess. I will let you know if it's going well, thanks for your support and kind words :)



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