Does Inducing Hurt More

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Misty - April 20

My first labor I was induced and the ain was more than anything I had expected. So many people say that labor isn't that bad. But it was for me, so I wonder, has anyone had both an induced labor and gone through the beginning process naturally to know if there is a difference in how much it hurts?


Kim - April 20

I have been told that labor is more painful when you are induced, but I have no actual experience with this since this is my first pregnancy. I'd love to know the answer to this too, since my Doctor has mentioned that he may want to go this course with me since I live a good distance from the hospital and that could present a problem if I were to have a short labor. I plan on having an epidural and I don't think that there would be as much difference then but again, I can't really speak to that.


C - April 21

Well I had to be induced and to me it was hell, one minute I was slowly progressing by myself but the water had broken so they had to induce me and one minute I was not in pain and as they added the inducing med. little by little the pain got worse and worse till I was screeming for drugs but everyone is different, so I don't know how it feel to go in labor with out being induced this will be my 2nd time.


jmom - April 22

I was induced after my labor stopped. It was so much more painful after I was induced but the epidural really helped


C - April 24

I am pregnant with my 4th and I can tell you from experience that natural is the best. I was induced with 2 pregnancies and it was very difficult because you go from feeling fine to having contractions that are very painful right at the start. My 2nd pregnancy was the only one that I was in labor with at home all day and it was nothing more than menstrual like cramping that intensified gradually....inducing doesn't do that and can really very hard and that is why pain medication is usually needed. Don't mean to scare anyone - I sure hope to go into labor myself with this one as I want to try and do it with no medication. Good luck!



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