Does It Hurt For Anyone If They Sleep On Their Right Side

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Tanja - June 28

I know there's a question already about sleeping on your back and when or how long it's ok, But does anyone find that if they try sleeping on their back or on their right side that it's hard to get up because it hurts and you gotta kinda roll slowly onto their left side to get up. I'm almost 24 weeks and not even all that huge.


Jbear - June 29

When I sleep on either side the hip that I'm sleeping on goes numb. It's best to sleep on your left side, for your circulation, but I have to alternate sides all night, because I keep waking up in pain.


Tanya - June 29

I noticed a pain on my side when I lay on my right side. I have to either lay on my left or on my back.


Tanya - June 29

I sleep any way I'm comfortable except on my stomach. I hurt any time I lay down and get up. My lower back is always in pain, especially when I get up from laying for periods of time. I'm 23 weeks, and have been this way since I was around 15 weeks. I did the same thing with my first, so I a__sume it's normal for me. Sleeping on your right side is fine. I've been told that the only time you should stop sleeping on your right side is when you have diabetes or high blood pressure. Other than that, sleep any way you feel comfortable.


Carolyn - June 29

Yes, I had this same problem this past week and had trouble for a few days getting out of bed too. I'm only 20 weeks and not that big like you Tanya. Most likely, the baby was lying across our stomach muscles or something when we were trying to get out of bed. This may sound funny, but I tried practicing getting out of bed without using my stomach muscles, not an easy task. As for sleeping, I tried using a pillow by my knees but this seemed to make my back worse in the morning so I gave up on the idea and have since enjoyed a few better nights sleep. I've already planned that if I find waking up in the night because my left or right side is aching too much, I'll move to the futon in the living room. I agree with you that the trick is to sleep any way you feel comfortable except on your stomach.


Ca__sie - June 29

I notice that my right hip starts to either go numb or starts to hurt if I sleep on that side too long. I'm still sleepin on my tummy part of the night (my doc said I could as long as it was comfortable) and I'm not looking forward to the time when my only options are right and left side sleeping. *sigh*


Amy - July 2

Yes, sometimes I do get pain in my hip or thigh of the side I'm sleeping on. But, the pillow between the legs as I lay on my side has really worked for me. It keeps my legs and hips aligned and takes pressure off of my back as I sleep. I do not sleep on my back even though I would love to. That is the way I used to always sleep...flat on my back. But, since it is recommended that we sleep on our sides (preferrably the left), I have just stuck with it throughout these months. I'm 22 weeks now and have noticed it is harder to get up out of bed. I do have to roll back over toward the edge of the bed, then get up. I try never to just sit straight up in the bed or it pulls on my stomach muscles too much. My stomach is not very big yet either...but I'm preparing for when it gets that way. I know by then I will definitely have to roll to get out of bed. HA HA!! I also bought a body pillow today to try that out. The more pillows and support, the better! Good luck to you all for lots of good sleep!!! :)



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