Does Nausea Leave Suddenly Or Taper Off

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SE - May 19

Today is the first day of my second trimester. I've been nauseous around the clock for the last two months but have never actually vomitted. Now at 13 weeks I vomitted for the first time. I'm supposed to be getting better not worse!


Lynn - May 19

At first I thought my sickness just stopped over a couple of days - but then it came back (not nearly as bad as it was though). I am 12w2d and Can eat almost whatever I want, but I do still have some times where I feel a little sick.


Heidi - May 19

I never vomitted either and at around 10 wks I thought the m/s was gone but it came back a few days later. It did this off and on and at around 13-14 weeks it was totally gone and so was the tiredness. Now I never feel sick or tired and I'm at 18 wks today. I did suffer from major headaches from wk 13-17 so that kind of sucked!


SE - May 19

Very strange. I also had a break from the nausea a couple weeks ago but then it came back.


lilmum - May 19

i was actually being sick, but not all the time. Atleast every other day. But i still felt nauseous most of the time. Now i still feel really nauseous every morning, and evening, but i don't throw up as often. I am also getting over the tiredness.. i couldn't stay up past NOON without fighting to keep my eyes open!


Julie - May 19

I am 19 weeks and still have dry heaves every morning but it has gotten better


Audrea - May 20

I am 20 weeks and just started to taper off with the vomiting at 18 weeks. Instead of vomiting everyday/allday, now it happens a couple of times a week. The nausea is so much better, but still hits me when I am not expecting it. Food also tastes better now and I don't have to force myself to eat anymore, now I have to watch what I eat so I don't overdo it. Just be patient, it does get better.


Brandi - May 20

12wks today. Im nauseaus all the time but only throw up maybe once a week (wk6-9) then it came back (wk10)everydayd throwing up for 5 days, not in week 12, I havent got sick at all but still feel it now and then, still tired. Hoping it doesnt come back!



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