Does The Constitpation EVER Get Better

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kimc - February 25

I'm just at the start of the second trimester (15 weeks) and I just wanted to hear from ladies who are further along or who have had other kids... does the const_tpation get better futher along in the pregnancy, or do I just have to put up with it? I've even started adding Bran Flakes to almost everything I eat!


Dia - February 25

I go for about 2 weeks being constipated...then I am fine for about a week and I clear myself out. Then 2 more week of constipation. It is like a cycle - and I eat plenty of fiber and I drink plenty of water. That one week in the middle is a godsend though! It will get better!!! (btw - I am 24.4 weeks)


Anne - February 25

I'm 25 weeks. I've found that drinking lots of water helps a little bit, but what has really helped me is eating dried fruit everyday--mostly apricots. Now that I've been eating dried fruit every day, I've had NO problems---fingers crossed that it stays that way!! Good Luck!


Anne - February 25

I forgot to mention that when I was constipated, I had read that it helps to elevate your feet on a box or stepstool or something--just about 6-12 or so inches high.. That seemed to make it a little better when I had it.


kimc - February 26

Thanks for your help.... I'm starting to eat bran in the morning and I will try the dried fruit as well. Glad to hear it will get somewhat better!


priya - February 26

I am 16 weeks now. Even i am suffering from constipation. But drinking lots of water through out the day seems to help me a lot. And ofcourse eating fruits rather fruit juices will also help a lot


ga2bme - February 27

I found that dried prunes worked the best for me. You can almost eat too many.


To kimc - February 28

I suffered terribly with constipation around 15 weeks even though my diet was exactly as it should be. Finally, my obgyn prescribed a prenatal that had a very very subtle laxative in it and it perfectly balanced everything out.


kimc - March 1

to the above poster... thanks! I will have to ask my doctor about that!



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