Dog Quot Punch Quot To Stomach Dangerous

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carlee - February 17

Hi Guys, I am 14.5 weeks pregnant, so just about the time my uterus is starting to protrude a bit past the pelvic bones. I have two adorable rescued pups, one of which is about 40 lbs, the other 30 lbs. Both love to greet me by jumping up and saying hi, and this usually isn't a problem as I can deflect them off to the side, and they really aren't all that heavy. But a few minutes ago I was sitting on floor playing with them, and the heavier one kind of stepped on or "punched" me in the stomach below the belly button as he leaned in to give me an excited kiss. It was really fast, but I did feel a bit of pain, pressure when it happened. I know that it is supposed to take a severe blow to the abdomen, as in a car crash, to do any real damage to the placenta or baby, but I was just hoping to get some reassurance from some other dog owners who may have dealt with similar stomach blows from excited doggies. Thanks!


andesue - February 17

Hi Carlee, I have two German shorthaired pointers one about 65 lbs and one about 60 lbs.... They are very excited to jump up and get some pets at night before bed (they jump onto the bed). and sometimes they accidentally step on me. I protect my belly too but there has been an occasion or two when one hits the mark and it does feel like some pressure that is uncomfortable, not really painful but uncomfortable.... anyway, I don't think it is anything to be worried about. I do make sure it doesn't happen, I don't think repeated exposure would be great, but I think you and baby are fine. Also, since your uterus is still pretty low, do you think they actually stepped on it or just above it. I only ask because I feel pressure on my uterus even if I push above it ( I think all the other stuff in there squishes up against it and presses on it... maybe that's what you felt?) Good luck! and Don't worry!


tish212 - February 17

Your knowledge of the car crash, or severe b__w to the abdomin is correct... your body protects your baby and makes the "outside" world safer than you would ever imagine while your lo is still in your belly. My DD is 14 months and runs and jumps at me head b___ting my stomach or trying to climb me kicks my stomach... its uncomfortable but knowing that she can't cause any harm to the baby relaxes me. I can understand your fear, i was terrified with my first pregnancy but after having that info comfirmed by my Dr about how well your body protects the baby has helped alot with this pregnancy. (and i also have a big dog shes an australian shepard and weighs about 80lbs and LOVES to jump... but we have been working with her on that because a fall worries me more than the pressure on my stomach.)


tryingx3 - February 27

I mis-judged my preggo belly one day - probably 5 months along or so and opened my car door into my stomach. My doctor suggested I didn't do that anymore... :-) Sounds like you might need to work on some doggie training as you won't want your little one jumped on or to be afraid of your beloved pets...



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