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carol23 - June 4

So, here's the deal.......... I'm moving. We're moving from Germany to Florida in about a month and a half. I'm so nervous because by that time i'll be almost 8 1/2 months along. Not ONLY do I have a 9 hour flight to look forward to, I'll be flying into Texas, then from Texas, we're picking up our truck and driving it to our new home in Florida (a 15 hour drive btw). We have so much to do right now it's crazy! We have to pack up, seperate things for the movers, clean EVERYTHING really good (which shouldn't be much because I'm a clean freak right now). I don't even know what stuff I should leave out for when baby comes. Our stuff won't get there for about 2 to 3 months. Should I start callling and making appts. now for when I get there? Should I wait? Have any of you ladies gone through a major move while this far along? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


kelley32 - June 4

Wow, what a huge thing to have on your plate ... are you even allowed to fly at that stage of pregnancy, I heard that the airline won't let you on the plane after 35 weeks. I had my daughter at 8 1/2 months, I hope you don't go into labor during it all. You should definitely have with you the basic things that the baby will need, like sleepers, diapers, feeding equipment if not b___stfeeding and a play pen for her/him to sleep in ... and definitely a car seat. Are you happy about moving to Florida? I would start with making a doctor's appt right around when you arrive. Good luck, I hope everything goes well for you.


amyn - June 4

Carol- is your dh military? If so I'm sure that he can get in contact with your gaining base and get you a doctor ASAP. As far as what Kelley said, I would definitly check with your doctor because I've heard that you aren't supposed to fly that late in pregnancy. Also I am prior Air Force and I don't recall my household goods taking that long to get to the states. I think I shipped them 2-3 weeks before I departed and they were in Florida when I left Germany, after taking a month of leave. I would say at the most 2 months. But that all depends if you are miltary or not. take care and good luck. Flordia is beautfiul, we were stationed there for 4 years in Tampa and we loved it.


Betul - June 4

Yeah, i agree with the others. I travel internationally at least once a year (and did with this pregnancy too) and i know most airlines (can't think of any that would let you) won't let you board if you are more than 32-35 weeks pregnant. Is it possible for you to travel maybe a bit earlier and stay with family until your husband arrives? That way you can make appointments, get comfortable with where you're going to deliver before all the craziness of the actually moving and settling starts?


Mingill - June 4

Carol, wow that's a big move, I'm looking at moving within my city a month before baby's due date. I would suggest you leave out what you'll need for the first few weeks with baby (sleepers, wash cloths, blanket...). You can always buy new clothes, but you will need the carseat to get baby home and the change table and ba__sinet once you get home. And don't forget yourself, perhaps pack your hospital bag now, so you know you'll have all you need and want. Then, pack like you would for vacation, enough outfits to rotate through and mix n' match. As far as appts. go, I'd make sure you had a doctor lined up for when you get to Florida, you'll have some paperwork to fill out. It might not be a bad idea to have a check-up shortly after you arrive, to make sure baby handled the stress of the move okay, to get to know your new doctor etc. Hope this helps a bit, good luck with the move.


carol23 - June 6

Thank you ladies. My due date is Sept. 7th and I have a doctors note saying that I am not to fly after August 7th. We're out of here July 26th. That's cutting it REALLY close. But, that's the military for ya! Just found out today that our stuff won't even be shipped out until the first week of July . THe military sends two shipments, one is household goods (the big furniture stuff) and the other is unacompanied baggage (stuff we'll need right away). So....... the lady at the moving place said we can send the crib, carseat, basically all the baby's stuff with unacompanied baggage which is GREAT!!!, because that stuff dosn't take long to get there! And , I'm packing my hospital bag just in case something happens. If I DO go into labor on the airplane.......... the "what to expect when you're expecting" book has birthing instructions. lol. I am so nervous. I'm also not looking forward to that 15 hour drive. I can't fly home before my husband and get all this stuff done, because he needs to report to duty and all that crazy stuff before I get my Tricare (insurance stuff) set up. It's a big mess that is slowly cleaning itself up. Thanks for your help ladies. I'll definitely be prepared!


Ashleyg - June 6

my hubby is air force also and i feel your seems like no matter what the situation is, they always manage to make it more difficult! right now, i am 23 weeks and hubby is tdy for 2 months :( he will be here when the baby is born but they he is being deployed in jan for 5 just sucks! are you pcs-ing to mcdill or tyndall? we are at langly now (in virginia). we are hoping we dont have a big move for a while, we just bought our house! good luck!


carol23 - June 13

we're going to Tyndall AFB.


Cookie - June 13

Hi Carol where are you moving to in Florida? I'm not familiar with the air base name? I live in South Florida, Ft. Lauderdale area...if your nearby and need any help please let me know...its hard to be moving into a new area with no new support group around you...


meganm - June 13

Hey Carol23. My husband is also military and we just pcs'd from CA to NC but I'm only 20 weeks. I used to work for DEERS CA and the best advice I can give you is that you don't have to wait until you get to FL to set up Tricare. As soon as you have an address and you can even use your husbands company address you can transfer over your coverage. And be careful, Tricare does not overseas will not automatically change to tricare Prime (if that's what you want) automatically unless you fill out the enrollment form. So if I were you try to update the address right before you leave Germany and then enroll online into Prime so you don't have a deductable/co-pay. You can also request a certificate of portability for you when you travel so you can seek medical attention anywhere. Also when you are prime emergency room visits are always covered- if it comes to that. Good luck with the plane ride- hey at least the bathroom will travel with you!


carol23 - June 14

meganm thank you. That info is really helpful. Also, the bad thing about my whole situation is that I can't even go to his supervisor or 1st shirt ( next in chain of command) , OR commander, to ask about anything because they're all deployed (my husband lucked out this year) AND his orderly room really sucks. So, i'm basically dealing with a bunch of idiots. I swear, I wish I could just walk in there and do my own paperwork. He hasn't even gotten his official orders yet, but we DO know that the curtailment (paperwork to leave early to have the baby in the states) WILL go through because it's already been signed by the base commander and has already been sent off to AFPC in San Antonio. We can't even get any outprocessing done until he gets his official orders, which means, we don't have any of our clearances (medical, dental) done and which ALSO means we're gonna have to get it ALL done in a rush. They're so d__n slow it's killin me!!!!


meganm - June 14

Turst me, I know how much they suck. Well even thought he does not have his official orders you still know what base you are going to. Do they have an MTF on post or will you be having the baby in a civilian hospital? Because the Mtf should have a Tricare rep on site for you to ask these concerns to and also so that you can aliminate paperwork now instead of when you get there. Either way the hardest part of this whole process is going to be calming your nerves and once you get to the states and have the baby, If you have any problems with Tricare and the billing Call Tricare Managenemt Activity(TMA) I'm not sure of the number, But the DEERS #800 will give it out to you. They resolve these types of problems. Glad to hear your hubby will be with you for the birth- Good luck.



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