Don T Want To Work Anymore

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flipthea - February 17

I was off for 2 wks fr. work and now I'm not feeling like going back anymore! I'm going back on Monday. I had bleeding at 10 weeks that's why I had time off per doctor's orders. I'm 13 weeks now. My boss has not been very supportive lately too so I think that adds to it. Anyone feeling this way? I'm actually looking for another job that doesn't have all the travel and lifting that I have in my current job right now. I work in the medical field.


squished - February 17

I wish that I could quit my job too! My dh wants me to go work at Babys-R-Us for the discount and he thinks that they will be really supportive since I'm pregnant, but the loss of money is ridiculous. It would be nice though and I'm not sure of too many places that will hire a woman who is 18w pregnant :)


Cad0587 - February 17

I have no reason to not want to work, but boy do I not want to! haha I'm so tired and sore and ugh, going to work just makes me miserable now.


jen327 - February 17

Flipthea- I totaly feel your pain. I have been on bed rest for a month for bleeding caused by a subchorionic bleed. I want to stay home and nest. I did decide not to look for anotehr job. My boss can't fire me for pregnancy and the time I was at home they let me work. If you leave now you will have a hard time with FMLA and marternity leave beceause you need to work someplace for a year to get it. Your job has to limit the lifting and travel while you are in this condition. It is the law :)


Tammy276 - February 17

Actually, your employer doesn't have to limit traveling or lifting while you are pregnant unless your doctor says there is a reason for it. And most doctors will tell you you are able to continue doing your normal activit_tes unless you are having complications with the pregnancy...And if yoru doctor has put you on bed rest before, I'm sure they will give you certain restricitons if they are concerned about it.


consy - February 18

Hi Flipthea, I also work in the health industry as an agency carer. I am currently 19 weeks pregnant, but i ended up finishing work at 15/16 weeks because the lifting and being around disease and travelling was freaking me out. But it is one of those things that depends on your current situation, as my husband earns a very good income and we were in no way dependent on my income. I love not working though,although i did take on a private job on the weekends just looking after an old client... easy going work, and so if you can quit then do it. ;-)


flipthea - February 18

If I stay at my current job, I do want to leave eartier --- my doc even mentioned that. Even if I stay at my current job I'm not covered by FMLA anyway, I've been there less than 1 yr and also the company is so small. Now that I'm not bleeding, my doc said I can lift 35 lbs. So that's what my employer is thinking, plus the travel. I still think that 35 lbs is too much.


excited2bemama - February 18

I actually had to take a 3 month medical leave in the beginning of my pregnancy b/c i was so sick with m/s that I could barely get out of bed. It sure was hard to go back to work. I work in the health care field too- I am an RN. I wish I could be off the rest of the pregnancy though. I am so tired and I stil feel nauseas alot.


sonia989 - February 19

Oh man, can I relate to this! I don't want to do anything but stay home and crochet baby blankets. I have 2 cla__ses at University and am supposed to work at a high school for a month starting in 2 weeks and I SO don't feel like doing any of it. I have a bad case of preggers brain! I think my IQ has dropped about 20 points in the last couple of months. My boyfriends says all I have in my head these days is cotton wool and little bunnies hopping around.


Lisaren26 - February 19

I can definately relate. I am 24 weeks and have no desire to go to work . I have noticed myself being extremely annoyed with cowokers. Today, I was frustrated when two of my coworkers came to work extremely sick. I have caught every cold possible since I have been pregnant and just thought it was inconsiderate on their part to come to work. On another note, is anyone else extremely frustrated with US government? I just feel like we are soo behind. It is illegal to discriminate against pregnant women when it comes to employment but it happens all of the time. I have not read the details of FMLA, but feel like having to be with a company for 1 year is discrimination in itself. I am wishing I lived in Europe right now. Uggg. I think I am just having one of those days.


flipthea - February 19

I know.....I'm only 13 weeks, going on 14 weeks this Wednesday. I'm so tired all the time and my back is hurting and also having ligament pains. I wish we had the same maternity leave as in Europe, they get 1 yr. I get frustrated w/ co-workers too and I feel very emotional all the time. I wish I can quit working and just stay home and watch baby stories all day!



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