Don T You Have Anything Better To Do Than Worrying

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Tired and worried soul - May 10

I know I do... but when I am off work, that is all I seem to do. I hate it... Maybe it's hormones... I don't know... can I blame it on that... I am crying because my baby it's moving as much... sometimes I think it moved but I am not sure... 4 days ago I could definately feel her moving, but now I just feel the occasional thump. I hate the fact that I had two previous m/c which makes me extra worried... I hate when my back hurts because I have to worry if something is happening. I can't very go to the L&D department everytime I feel something is wrong... I will be living there... And it's not like they can do anything anyways... just tell me to rest... that's about it. Sometimes I wish I could just slip into a coma, and wake up on the 9th month... just when my baby is being born. I don't want to worry anymore... I am majorly worried that if something happens again, how my fiance would take it... A lot of relationships can't with-stand that sort of thing. Men don't talk but I feel I would just push him away, saying that he should be with someone who can have his family for him... I'm just tired of worrying


nm - May 10

Tired, I am sure probably everything is okay. How far along are you?


Tired - May 10

23 weeks


Wanda - May 10

My motto is: Don't worry until you know you have to worry. When I feel a little crampy and I start thinking, oh my god, is this a tubal pregnancy that is just now happening?–I just say, well, if it is it will get worse, so I will just worry when I have to. And that helps. So, I would just keep that in mind next time your mind starts racing about something. Try to focus on something positive for your baby, like, work on a baby blanket or something, that should help.


Jill - May 10

Tired-- I am also 23 weeks and I know what you mean about the worrying...but I tell myself that women have been doing this for thousands of years. Some days I barely feel the baby move at all, and other days he has the hiccups all day. Everyone is different. I know one thing for sure and that's that your stress is not healthy for you. So, just relax. Usually when you relax and stop worrying, things fall into place and seem right again. Good luck. By the way, what is your due date?


Tired - May 10

It's Sept 3


miranda - May 10

I know exactly how you feel. I am 22 weeks and I just can't seem to help the worries, even though logically I know everything is most likely fine. I've even told my husband the same thing you said - that I wish someone would put me to sleep and wake me up in September. We'll get through this somehow! Hang in there, it's all worth it in the end.


Jodie - May 10

Tired im with you all the 15 weeks and i too have had a mc so am constantly worried about that, at 8 weeks i started bleeding, so another worry, and 18 months ago my sister in law had a baby 15 weeks premmie so im am constantly worried, i worry about every little pain (usually gas). Although im actually on a high at the moment as i just got to hear my babys heart beat for the first time :)


Josie - May 11

I guess all I can say is welcome to motherhood...I never understood why my own mom is such a worrier until now!!... I am 25 weeks and I worry about everything, and I can just imagine what will happen end of August... I have a wedding to go to about three weeks after the baby is due and my hubby's aunt was like "well at least you'll have lots of people to look after the baby at the wedding" and I was like "yeah right the baby is staying home with my parents until we pick him up after" because I don't trust others with the baby, so I guess the worrying will continue forever lol...the only advise I have is to TRY to relax and enjoy the ride!!


Jodie - May 11

Josie even with your baby staying with your parents you will worry yourself sick. The first time i left my first born with my parents she was about 2 months old and it was only bc my mother insisted i get out on my own and see a movie. I didnt enjoy the movie as all i could think of was my baby and as soon as the movie ended i raced home as fast as i could. Although now that shes 9 and my son is 6 im more than happy to leave them with my mum :)



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