Dont Feel Pregnant

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amanda_md - November 11

Hi everybody...i am now in my 16 wks....this is my 1st pregnancy... however, i dont feel as pregnant as before. since the nausea and vomitting has stopped... i also dont see any bump right now or am wondering if my little one is developing well...... cant wait for my appt next Tuesday.... anyone feeling the same?


Babycrazy - November 11

Hey amanda_md, I am 17 weeks and I am not showing at all. I can tell I am because when I push a little on my lower abdomen it's hard and sticks out a little further than usual. Really I just feel a little bloated. I have been feeling better but still sick in the mornings. I also like you have felt no movements. I asked my Dr at my four month visit if everything was ok and normal and she said for first time pregnancy you might not feel any movement until the 24th week. You are in the second trimester and the majority of woman with nausea and vomiting stop. My Dr also told me this is when the baby grows the most so for both of us this trimester is when we will start to show. It's great to talk to someone at about the same stage in their pregnancy as me :) I am sure everything is going great! I would say try not to worry but I know it's hard not to!!!!


amanda_md - November 12

Hi Babycrazy...thanks for your input... my hubby told me that my bump has started to show but i just cant tell myself as i already have a litlle pot belly before pregnancy... i dont have morning sickness before just frequent vomitting during the 1st then the vomitting has stopped...i dont have any other symptoms..... so is this your 1st pregnancy too?


sarah21 - November 12

It happened with me, too. I'm 21 weeks now and definitely feel pregnant. Once you hit about 18-20 weeks and start feeling movement it will help even though you will second guess if it's movement about a million times. Also around 20 weeks your belly will probably start to explode which helps with the pregnancy feeling.


Rainbowbrite - November 12

HI! I just wanted to say that i too did not feel very pregnant, i didn't have nausea or anything like that so i didn't really feel pregnant until just recently and i am 22 weeks this week... Other than i came down with a nasty cold the only way i really feel pregnant is the fact that i can feel her moving around in there alot more frequent and i can see my belly moving now from the outside! I also started to get my belly at about 20 weeks or so.... and now that it has shown there is no going back! =) Atleast until she is here! so i guess i'm trying to let you know that just because you don't feel pregnant right now it doesn't mean you're in danger or your baby is! FEEL lucky that you don't have the sickness anymore!!!!


amanda_md - November 12

thanks guys...i feel more rea__suring now....its nice to hear that everybody is doing well dust



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