Doppler Rentals

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TLEW - December 22

Has anyone ever rented a doppler? I was thinking about getting one, but Im not sure which company to go with. Does anyone have any suggestions?


H - December 22

Hello! I rented mine through Belly Beats. I have been very happy with it. It has given me so much peace of mind. good luck!


anita - December 22

i don't know anything about which rental is best, but i just wanted to say that if you decide to buy one b/c they're cheaper- DO NOT waste your money on the BeBe sounds prenatal listener. it's a huge waste of money. i've had it since i was 25wks, and i've never heard anything even remotely sounding like a heartbeat. sorry i don't have any advice, but i just wanted to warn you. i'm glad you started this thread thoough, b/c i'm interested in renting one too. hopefully you get some good suggestions.


ry - December 22

Hi, i rent mine through Sweat Beats and its great-it sounds better than the doppler at the drs office! It is $18 per month and has free shipping. They also give you plenty of the ultrsound gel.


Lisa - December 22

Hi - I rented mine through Heartbeats at Home, for $22 per month. At the time, it was the cheapest I could find. I absolutely love it, but now my baby is so active I'm thinking of sending it back! They too have free shipping both ways. I agree with anita - I have the BeBe Sounds prenatal thing which was a huge waste of money. I should have known better as I bought it on clearance! Good luck with your pregnancy!


Monique - December 23

Got mine from Sweet Beats, got the $29 per month one. The link is at the top of this page under "Listen to your Baby"


liz - December 23

Anyone know of a place were you can rent on that doesn't require you to get a prescription?


Lisa - December 23

liz - mine didn't require a prescription. I just had to provide the name and fax number of my OB. I don't think they ever contacted her - if so, she never said anything to me!


karen - December 23

I second Anita's advice. I borrowed the BeBe sounds listener from a friend and it is a piece of junk. I've spent 30 minutes or so on more than 1 occasion trying to find a heartbeat and all I hear is a bunch of ambient noise. I can barely even find my own heartbeat with it.


m - December 23

i rented mine for 22 a month thru sweet beats, they asked for my dr and his number but i don't htink they called either. it worked great since 11 weeks! i returned at about 17 weeks when i could feel movement all the time.


TLEW - December 27

Thank you everyone for your response. I had previously bought the bebe sounds and just like everyone else I got nothing. I will look into the sites you all suggested. Thanks a lot. Happy Holidays


wondering - December 27

Anyone this applies to: Once your baby was moving every day, did you feel the need to keep renting the doppler, & why?


Monique - December 27

I feel my baby move and still have my doppler. I originally thought I would only keep it until movement but..... I'm almost 22 weeks, my baby moves sporadically and we still love to listen to her heartbeat. I had a miscarriage in May--and although we've have level 2 ultrasound and NORMAL amnio, I still find comfort in that sound. (I'm a first time Mom, so I'm a worrier!! lol). Once I feel her KICK hard frequently, not just flutters I will TRY to return it!! lol


Julie - December 28

I just rented a doppler. Got it from Was supposed to take 2 days to arrive (since I ordered it after 5 pm EST), but arrived in 1 day, so very happy about that. I tried it out when I first got it, but plan on using it (hopefully with better results) with my husband, when we're both home together. I have a question though, has anyone had trouble using the doppler? Can hear the heartbeat, but the numbers on the digital display jump around a lot. I move the probe all over my belly, the numbers will be low one minute, then high, then jump to another totally different number. The range has been all over the place. But I've heard, more than once, the sound of the heartbeat, very strong & very steady. So, I'm not sure if the display is just a little wacky, or if it's just because I'm not using it or holding it properly. Anyone else have any experience with this or advice to give? (Also, one good thing about the BabyFM doppler rentals is that, though the monthly rate is higher than most, you keep the doppler as long as you want, and are charged a 'per day' rate, instead of per month. You're charged for 30 days up front, then you keep it as long as you want after that and are only charged per day, depending how long you keep it -- and the prices range from $.90 per day to $1.85 per day, depending on which model you get.)


ry - December 28

Hi wondering, its funny that you asked that question because I was about to send mine back considering I am almost 26 weeks and can def. feel my baby kick now. Thank God I didnt because I have had days where my baby will hardly move at all and it gives me such a panic attack! It really is very rea__suring to listen to the heartbeat when you havent felt any movement in a while.


AML - December 28

I got the Bebe Sounds doppler for christmas and I like it! I can hear my babys heatbeat just fine (im almost 18weeks) I heard it the first time I played with it! I can even hear my own! But I do hear a lot of other noise along with it.


Hi-Bebe sounds - January 1

I have purchased this doppler and used it since 14 weeks, i thinks its fantastic, i heard the heartbeat everytime and can even hear the baby move!



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