Double Stretch Marks

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flower.momma - June 10

A couple of my pregnant friends and I were wondering, can you get double, or overlapping stretch marks. We are pregnant for the second time and got them bad in our first pregnancies. Do you get more, new ones in subsequent pregnancies, or do the old ones just get red again?


San_dee - June 11

ooh i never thought of that, i was lucky the first time and only got a couple of small ones on my belly, they were everywhere else instead!!! even behind my calf muscles!!!! i hope they dont go twice as bad!!!


flower.momma - June 12

I know, I'm scared, though I guess it doesn't really matter, my tum looks like a road map already. I know, I got them in my inner thighs, which stayed the same size. I think my belly was just pulling up on all of my skin, if that makes any sense.


snugglybugglys - June 12

I didn't get any with my first pregnancy...second was twins so I got them fairly bad...with my third pregnancy, I got no stretch marks. The existing ones didn't get red again either.


Susan W - June 12

A friend of mine says she got stretch marks in new places :(( with her second pregnancy. I'm a bit worried, as I got pretty bad ones in the last three weeks of my first pregnancy, but there isn't much we can do about them :(


flower.momma - June 12

I know, I thought I was good to go with only a few at the sides, but right around 36 weeks they just appeared overnight. It made me so mad. So they don't overlap or anything? I can imagine it would hurt if they did.


Susan W - June 13

That's exactly what I thought too :( My skin looked great at 36 weeks, and then it started getting these red lines . .. I could watch them climb by the day :( . . .I have no idea if they overlap or not. I hope not!


whitewolfe - June 15

oh dear... I ended up with stretch marks going up and down my belly and side to side across my belly s well with my first one... they never really got any worse with my second just redder and now that Im pregnant with number 3 Im guessing that they will just do the same... I dont think that there is anymore room on my poor tum tum for anymore stretch marks... its pretty well covered... lol...



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