Dreaming About Your Baby

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ThePezChick - April 18

Do you guys ever have dreams about your baby? I dream about interacting with Hispanic children after going to the Hispanic grocery store. I dream about being really late for work when I'm 5 minutes later than usual, which is still 15 minutes early. However, I NEVER DREAM ABOUT MY BABY! This is my first child and I wish so badly that I did. Even interacting with him/her for a few minutes in a dream would be heavenly. Just wondering if I was the only one....


Been There - April 18

I used to dream about my baby and having a boy, who was usually a toddler about 12 months old. Once I found out for sure I was having a boy, I stopped dreaming about him. Don't worry about the dreaming. Reality will soon be here and you'll have plenty to at least daydream about.


MystinaAlise - April 19

awww dont feel bad i get really sad when i read about people dreaming about their babies... i used to have these dreams of this beautiful little girl (she was about 3) while i was pregnant but before i knew i was pregnant... once i found out the dreams went away... i find myself wishing they would come back now cuz i didnt pay enough attention to the little girl and how she looked... i want to see my baby again... so your not alone...


Kayris01 - April 19

I've dreamt twice about my baby. I usually don't dream and when I do they are crazy dreams. The first time, I dreamt I was pregnant but I had a son who was around 2 years old. The second dream was last night and I dreamt I had twin baby girls. Kind of neat but doesn't help me any because the dreams were conflicting. I feel the same way though, I really wish I could meet my future child in my dreams. =)


stephgts - April 19

I've dreamt of my baby or wanting to meet my baby a couple of times. But the one dream where I actually saw her was SCARY. I won't post what happened in the dream cause it's really disturbing and freaked me out. SO, lol just be glad you're not at least having bad dreams about your baby!!


bhouchen - April 19

In the beginning I had a baby dream almost every night. Now I don't have them anymore and I miss them, but my husband has had a couple and I love hearing his dreams about the baby. Some of them are just as crazy as the ones that I have had. One of them was even so sweet it made me cry or maybe that was the hormones.


iakram - April 20

hi pezchick...lately i have had no dreams about my baby. but i had quite a few scary dreams..then some good dreams i dreamt twice that i'm having a boy. heh heh...i have a gut feeling it's a boy again...but i'm secretly hoping it's going to be a girl! but don't feel bad about not dreaming about the baby good luck!


amyn - April 20

I've dreamt about my baby, and the last dream I had about the baby was probably 2 or more weeks ago and I saw the baby's face and everything in my dream but now I haven't had anymore. I wouldn't worry about it, you might dream about your baby but just not remember it in the morning. I've found that when I drink milk right before bed, I have more vivid dreams, try that and while you are laying there trying to go to sleep keep your thoughts on your baby, maybe that will help??


jenrodel - April 23

I hadn't had a dream about my baby until about a week ago. I don't know if it was a boy or a girl, it was a tiny newborn and I was b___stfeeding. Kind of strange, but is the only dream I've had so far! I've had lots of other strange dreams lately though hehe.... My husband though has had at least three dreams, and in all of them we had twins!!! I'm quite sure this is not going to be the case! They were always a boy and a girl. I am hoping I'll have some more dreams soon....


Been There - April 23

Hey PezChick, I forgot to write and tell you this. The same night after I posted my message about not dreaming about my baby, I had a dream about my baby. I was just shopping and I know there was a play yard involved. I couldn't make up my mind or something about what to buy. I guess just typing about not dreaming about him put it in my subconscious to do so. That's so strange. But I haven't dreamed about him since then. Wait a minute, I'll let you know tomorrow.


ThePezChick - April 23

Still no dreams about the baby yet, darn it. I did, however, dream my husband asleep in the oven last night...while it was on. I tried to wake him up but wasn't able to. I was freaked out because his head and shoulders were covered with what looked like soot and he was turning bright red. I thought he was dying so I pulled him out of the oven, concerned that I had caused him to burn his face. This was the second time I'd found him asleep in an oven that was on. I think I'd rather dream about the baby! LOL


taterbaby - April 26

I had a dream 4 days ago that I had a girl. I saw her face, called her by the name my hubby and I have chosen, and pa__sed her proudly to my mother. My mom had a dream about a week ago that I had a girl. Our 20 week scan was yesterday, and guess what?!?! Its a boy!! I was actually quite shocked. But we are very excited. It's our first and we didn't care about the gender either way. I did really think it was a girl though.


dy - April 27

i've had 2 dreams the first one was about a month after i found out. i dreamt about my baby girl. the next day my grandma died. strange how they say one has to go for one to come. the second was that dad took the baby to a steelers game while still in their receiving blanket


Erynn21 - April 28

I had my first real dream about my baby last night, only she was a toddler with big brown eyes and blonde wavy hair, about a yr. old or so, that's about all I remember. Her looks are pretty believable considering what my hubby and I both look like, we'll see if that's what she ends up like.


Taffy - April 28

I was dreaming last night that I was in labour. Everything seemed quite normal (from my perspective) until I had given birth to 6 babies!! I must have eaten too much cheese or something as I know I'm only having 1....or do I?


SuzieQ - April 28

I've had two baby dreams so far. First one I dreamt I had a newborn boy - all arms and legs and very active! But small. then last night I dreamt my dh and I found a chest full of baby boy clothing for us. Weird! I'll find out next friday at my 18w u/s hopefully!



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