Dreams And Gender Prediction

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hc - October 22

h__lo ladies, i have a question about dreams. my dh and i really wanted to find out the gender of our baby, but at the 20wk u/s the baby had its legs crossed!! Anyhow, i have had 3 different dreams that it is a baby girl. The last one was kind of funny. My parents had taken my baby and i demanded it back, saying where is my daughter, give her back to me. it turned out she was an alien, and they wanted to keep her away from me until she looked more like a normal baby. Then i looked myself in the mirror and saw that the hair on the top of my head was gone and instead showed some weired star trek looking pattern on my head, i.e i was an alien as well, but did not know it!!!! i then got my daughter back!!! it could have something to do with that we fell a sleep to the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.... well anyway, have anyone of you had dreams of the gender of your baby, and it turned out to be true?? i would love to know! thanks.


mother777 - October 22

in the begining of my pregnancy i always had dreams about a little girl. i was always holding a little girl that was mine. then it was this little boy that was there that was not mine. well, i supposely am having a girl, and my brother and his wife was having a boy, which she did have on the 14th of september. now my dreams are i had my baby girl, but she was not ready yet, so i had to put her back inside of me. i had that dream twice already. it is so strange, so i wonder what the heck that one means?


jb - October 22

I wish I could have some dreams that would predict the gender. Ive had a very detailed one were I had a girl, and a couple were I had a boy. The ultrasound said 80% it is a girl! So i really dont know.! Im having a hard time totally trusting the ultrasound.


shelly - October 22

I had 2 dreams that I was holding a baby girl, and found out I'm having a boy


Beth - October 22

I have known since the minute I was pregnant that I was having a boy. It was wierd I just felt it. In all of my dreams (they weren't as wierd as ya'alls lol) my baby was a boy. So I was not surprised during my ultrasound when the tech said it was a boy!


dani - October 22

I had a very vivid dream that I was having a boy at around 2 months, and sure enough were having a boy! I thought all along that I was having a girl, but I guess my dream proved me wrong.


Selena - October 22

I also just had a feeling as soon as I found out I was pregnant that it was a girl. My dreams didn't really show a girl, just a baby, nut the ultrasounds confirmed my feelings. Oddly enough my husband Grandmother who I have never meet(she lives in Korea) called my MIL the day after I found out I was pregnant and asked "who in the family was pregnant, because they are having a girl"!! It was really weird to say the least.


K - October 22

I had a feeling I was having a boy & the ultrasound confirmed it. I also dreamt of a boy in the beginning of my pregnancy.


jeanan - October 22

about a couple of months into my pregnancy I had a feeling that I was having a girl and then I had a dream that they were doing my ultrasound and that it was in color and it showed that I was having a little girl with red hair...well part came true sure enough we are having a girl but we will have to wait and see about the hair untill she is born...hoping that she will have red hair like her mommy =)


Erin - October 23

I've thought that I was having a girl from the beginning, but I started dreaming that I had a boy. I had two very realistic dreams about what my baby boy looked like and how he smiled, and then I found out I was having a girl! So my dreams were wrong but my gut feeling was right


Justice - October 23

Same as Beth. Before I even knew I was pregnant I had dreams about a little boy that was my baby. Through my whole pregnancy I just knew it was a boy. I got my ultrasound last monday.... and they said it was boy.


Jean - October 25

I felt it was a girl, then an early ultrasound tech said it was too early to tell, but her guess was a boy. I dreamt about a baby girl several times after that and I just couldn't shake the girl feeling, and sure enough, the 20 week ultrasound showed the three lines of a girl :)



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