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tina - November 24

Hi ya, is there anyone out there drinking loads of tea even though you shouldnt be??


Hi - November 24

I drink decaf tea but not loads of it.


to Tina - November 24

I don't see a prob with drinking a lot of tea as long as it's decaf & not some herb that could be harmful.


sue - November 25

I drink tons of decaf tea and love it because it warms me up. By tons, I mean about 4-6 cups a day with milk - no sugar. I buy the naturally decaffinated kind (some decafs are chemically treated).


Shannon - November 25

I drink a extra large tea in the morning thats it. Its not decaf but I dont drink too much.


Tamara - November 25

I drink one large coffee or tea everyday...maybe two some days if I need the boost. My dr says 2-3 cups of caffeinated beverage is ok a day...as long as you drink more water to make up for the dehydration of caffeine.


Terra - November 25

I'm drinking my tea, but Decaf, and definately not loads of it.. Tea isn't as high in caffiene as coffee, but not good to drink alot of while preg. Maybe talk to your doc and see what he says..


. - November 25

Where did you hear that you shouldn't be, unless it's caffinated, that is.


Heather L - November 27

Regular tea has no where near even a regular cup of coffee. There is no danger drinking tea. I drink about 3 cups a day. (i'm 1/2 scottish) I love tea. It's better than drinking loads of wine! ;)


Michelle - November 27

Before I was pregnant I used to drink lots (about 8 or 10 cups a day, with 3 or 4 sugars, black). As soon as I was pregnant though (well, about 6 and a half wks gone), everytime I had a cup of tea, I was sick. Shame though that I didn't realise the connection, it took a good 4 or 5 wks of me drinking it, and then being sick each time, to realise it was the tea which was making me sick. I've heard too (since I've stopped), that it also contains something else, beginning with B but I not sure of the name, (I've looked on the web but can't find anything) which can cause sickness in some pregnant women. I'm 25 wks now, I don't feel so ill anymore, so have started to drink tea again, but with only with 2 sugars, and only one or two cups a day now. Since being pregnant, it is so strange because I no longer want lots of tea, or sugar, or any of the foods / drinks which I used to drink. My little baby like all the things his daddy likes, and not the things I like (or used to like). . . we kept saying it was a boy because 'he' only wanted the same things as his daddy, and we found out recenlty it is boy!


Hi - November 27

Does anyone know if camomile tea is safe? It is decaf...


melissa - November 27

I miss my tea! but i am abstaining. I used to be HUGE into green tea, had it every day, but i read that it can prevent folic acid from being absorbed. and I really sensitive to caffeine in general so I am basically just letting tea go while I am pregnant, but when I am done, I'll be back on my green tea!



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