Drinking To Much Tea

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mandy~ - April 20

i had a OJ obsession a while ago, and the doc said i may have to cut down coz i noticed after a while everytime i drank it i got major stomache aches and he said it may be coz of the acid in OJ. so now iv got a obsession with drinking cups of tea i drink about 3 cups a hour is this bad!? i cant help to drink it and my stomache has been fine, the only problem is i pee alot but you would expect that yeah? so my Q is, is it not good to drink so much tea while pregnant? thanx!:)


SAR - April 20

my midwife told me to limit my daily intake of caffiene, including coffee, colas, chocolate and (alas) tea, as research is starting to show it is harmful to your baby if taking caffiene in liquid form, try for no more than two cups per day. i never drink coffee or cola anyway, but i love my cuppa tea. i have cut it down to one cup in the morning to help me wake up. i have now switched to a cup of milo after dinner instead of a cup of tea.


SAR - April 20

you could try a decaf tea if you find you really HAVE to have those cuppas :o)


Kara - April 20

Decaf tea is good, but you could still have a few cups a day of normal tea i reckon. I've been told it's ok to have 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day, and tea has far less caffeine than coffee!


AMANDA - April 20

definately just drink the decaf, it tastes the same. i know how you feel though, i get so tired of water so i make tea and i swear its the best thing i've ever drank!


Taf - April 23

Hi mandy... found this on a tea/coffee site on the web. and I thought cola was the worst offender :o\ "According to the site's caffeine index, coffee has the most caffeine with 47-164 milligrams per 5 ounce serving. The caffeine content depends on how the coffee is brewed -- fresh drip has the highest level, instant has the lowest. Second place is a little more difficult to determine. A single serving of black tea (5 oz.) can have anywhere from 25 to 110 milligrams of caffeine, while a single serving of Coca-Cola (12 oz.) measures in with 46 milligrams. However, when you break it down to caffeine per ounce, tea handily beats Coke."



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