Dry Chapped Nipples

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Angela - December 1

15 weeks right now and my nipples look so dry and almost chapped. Flaky skin around the aerola, Does anyone else have this? I have been apply a nipple cream but it only seems to help for a few hours. Is this normal


tiffany - December 2

i dont know how normal it is but i have the same problem. Im 17 weeks, and i have had this problem since i was about 8 weeks. I havent asked anyone about it , i have just been putting extra lotion on everyday after showering.


bean - December 2

Yup, I've got the same problem. There are creams out there - such as Bag Balm or Udderly Smooth that really help. However, I talked to my dct about it yesterday, and she suggested that rather than lathering up on thick creams it's better to buy Vitamin E capsules, break them open, and put that on nipples. Her belief is that the body makes its own lubrication, and if you put heavy creams on (like a Bag Balm, which is almost like thick petroleum jelly), then your body will train itself not to self-lubricate and will make the problem worse. I haven't tried the Vitamin E treatment yet, but intend to on my next Walmart shopping trip...


Tess - December 2

Ive been having the issue w/ my nipples as well. Most of the time I would always put lotion around it so it wont be flaky and chappy but then at the end of the day it would be like that again. I guess its part of being pregnant thats why our nipples are more dry and flaky before we got pg. best thing to do is put lotion in the AM and before you go to bed. Good luck!


to Angela - December 2

ALL of my skin is dry... drier than it's ever been in the winter. My hands are cracked & bleeding. And I've been putting shea nut b___ter or aloe on it. It helps some, but I think this is also just a side effect of pregnancy, so I just deal with it. The shea nut b___ter can be obtained at health food stores, and aloe can be gotten from aloe plants obviously.


N - December 2

Unfortunately this is only the beginning of the dryness. Next comes cracking and bleeding for some! The only thing that really works and that you will probably use when breasfeeding is Lansinoh or some other b___st cream, which you can find in the baby section of the pharmacy usually next to the bottles and b___st pads. You really shouldn't use any other types of creams on your bbs especially if you plan on bfing.


to N - December 2

What's in Lansinoh? I would never use anything on my b___sts while b___stfeeding unless I knew exactly what the ingredients were & how safe they are for babies to possibly ingest, even such a small amount, & felt that it was okay.


to to N - December 3

Lansinoh is a cream for b___stfeeding mothers. The hospital gave it to me when I had my children. It's 100% lanolin. This is what the Wkipedia Encyclopedia on line says: Medical grade lanolin is also used as a cream to soothe skin. Lansinoh cream, a product that some b___stfeeding mothers use on sore and cracked nipples, is pure, hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic medical grade lanolin. This grade of lanolin can also be used to treat chapped lips, diaper rash, dry skin, rough feet, minor cuts, minor burns and skin abrasions. It can be bought at Wal Mart in my area.


stephanie - December 3

Im 18 weeks pregnant and starting to lactate..The doc said to use lansanoh for chapped dried nipples...is anyone else having clear colustrom & early stages of pregnancy? I just started to noticed when I squeezed b___sts and ma__saged them..


wendyttc - January 23

Can any of you lovely ladies tell me how early the dry flaky nipples started?? I'm not even sure yet that I am pg but i have lot of symptoms, tiredness, irritable, nausea, minor skin break out and twinges in my lower abdomen! I have one week to wait til af is due??? I would be maybe two weeks/three weeks if I am pg! Please help this tww is driving me insane!!


Savk10 - October 28

I'm 14 weeks pregnant and my nipples are already dry, cracking, peeling, and today I noticed they are so dry they are bleeding a little. Is this normal??



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