Due Date Confusion

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Christina - March 31

Has anyone else had confusion w/ their due date. According to my LMP (11-18-04) I thought my due date was Aug 24...when I went in for my ultrasound this past Monday they moved my due date up to Aug 17. I am very positive about the date of my lmp. Now I don't know what to say my due date is!


Beth - March 31

It just has something to do with the time you ovulated also, because my lmp was Nov.28 and they originally gave me the due date of Sept 5 I believe it was, but then they bumped it up a week to Aug. 31.


monica - March 31

sometimes they go by the measurement of your baby. how many weeks are you? from my LMP my due date was 8/2 then on my first u/s they changed it to 7/29 then on the second u/s they changed it to 7/28 but on my last u/s which I was 20 weeks they changed it again to 8/3. But I know exactly when I ovulated and I think its closer to the end of July. Well see I guess.


Phoebe - March 31

*nodding* I agree with Beth and Monica... I taught my due date was correct, but when they did the measurements of my babies head on Tuesday it was 18weeks 1day... I taught i would be 19 weeks on Friday, but I guess my due date is bumped up a little.


Maleficent - April 1

with my first baby i kept getting different due dates at almost every appointment. it was frustrating. ultimatly, the only way to really know when a baby is due is to wait untill it comes out. not much help, but thats my experiance. now with baby number 3 i'm telling people that it's due in early september rather than give them my estimated due date.


La - April 1

Do you normally ovulate b4 or after your period? And if it were b4 would you still get that last period? my LMP began on 12-14-04 and lasted for 5 days. I also had a blood test done jan5 which came back neg.. and a hpt come up pos on the 26th.. is it possible to have gotten preg b4 my lmp? has anyone had a blood test come back neg when it should have been pos?



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