Due Date On March The 31st

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Juliette - September 26

Hello ladies, I'm just wondering if anyone has the same due date as I and how they are feeling? I had horrible nausea untill now but since yesterday, I have such heartburns that I can't tell anymore if I still have nausea or not... :) The smell of most food still disgusts me, though. Also, I am having some real problems sleeping.... How are you all feeling?


pegs - September 27

Hi Juliette,i have the same due date as you.I am getting a lot of heartburns and I have a lot of trouble sleeping. I am felling to eat a lot of citrus fruits with salt.


Juliette - September 27

Hello Pegs! I am so glad you answered! Do you have nausea? Citrus with salt, huh??? :) I haven't had the weird cravings as of yet but who knows.... It this your first child?


JP - September 27

Hey ladies, I am due on the first of April (close enough to March 31). I have had craving for all things with cheese and mexican food with sour cream. Weird I know. How many piunds have you all gained? Are you showing? Depending on what I wear I am showing. I have had the occa__sional nausua, but some sour altoids make it go away quickly. Trouble sleeping---I am a back sleeper so this whole sleeping on the side thing has been killer.


Juliette - September 27

Hello! What's wrong with me that I don't have any cravings?!? I actually lost a pound since I got pregnant. I told my doctor that I was worried about it at the last ultrasound. He replied that the baby looked great and that he wasn't worried about it! You'd think I would have put a few pounds on by now.... I am showing a bit though... Are you guys hoping for a girl or a boy? Have you discussed names yet? Talk to you soon! Juliette


JP - September 27

I don't care what it is as long as it is healthy. I was reading the post about the woman who doesn't want a girl----sickens me really. With all the stuff going on today and so many couples with fertility problems you should just be happy to have a healthy child regardless of s_x. Thank God DH and I didn't have any problems with conceiving. Names....for a boy I like Luke and girl Rachelle. What about you?


Lisa - September 27

I'm due on March 31st too! My nausea went away 3 days ago, but it was horrible and non-stop before that. Are any of you showing a little yet?


js - September 27

I am due about that time too - they keep changing the date - went from March 25 to April 2 and now I think he has settled on the 31st - for now... It's more of a guideline anyway... I have not really been nausous until lately. Not really thrown up until I brush my teeth in the morning. I am sleeping good and have gained a total of 10 lbs. I can get along with most foods except for pork. I used to love pork - now it's just gross... Don't have heartburn and I think my b___bs have finally stopped killing me. Still a little sore, but definately not as bad. I am glad to hear there are a lot of us due at the same time and can compare how eachother is doing... I agree with JP on the post about the woman who dosn't want a girl. This is my 6th pregnancy with 1 birth of a son 11 years ago. This little one is very much wanted no matter if it's a girl or a boy (would like a girl to even things out, though) Anyway - good luck to you all!


Juliette - September 28

Hey Pegs, JP, Lisa, and JS, Isn't it funny how diifferent pregnancies can be? I'm still sick (but not as much)... Luke and Rachelle are beautiful, cla__sical names. For our baby, we are thinking Gabriel for a boy and Madeleine or Josephine for a girl. Cheers! Ju


JP - September 28

Josphine huh? That is my real name. I see it is making a comeback. The lady that cuts my hair, her daughter is Josephina. I really like the cla__sic names. I am starting to show already. I wear maternity pants. They are a little big, but none of my other cloths fit. Has anyone looked at Maternitygallery.com to compare sizes?


js - September 28

I have Nichole Grace picked out for a girl... Nothing yet for a boy. My son is Nathan Alexander so if it's a girl, we'll have a Nathan and Nichole... Actually, Nichole is what Nathan was supposed to be until he was born and it was discovered he was a boy... Spent the entire day without a name... So much for being convinced it was a girl!


Samantha - September 28

Hey Girls, I am due at the end of march or beginning of April. I am still having morning sickness :( Hope it gets better soon. Congrats to you all!!


Lisa - September 29

I love the name Josephine! Would you call her Josie for short? I have no preference for a boy or girl, but I dreamt it's a boy. Has anyone else been dreaming about their baby?


Juliette - September 29

Hello pretty ladies! I still have morning sickness too!!! By the way Nichole Grace is really pretty. As for Josie, hmmm.. Don't know.... But I dreamt about my baby too. Couldn't tell if it was a girl or a boy but I have the strong feeling that it is a girl. If you dreamt it's a boy, chances are it is!!!! Would you like that? Oh and when it comes to tummy and clothes. It's getting tighter and tighter for me! I did buy a few maternity clothes and they also fit a bit big but who cares!!!! It's so cool to have them! :) (I know... I'm a freak hihihi( Oh, I want to the website maternitygallery.com, it was neat to see the differences. Some of us really don't show, even at 15 weeks!!!! Talk to you again soon! Ju ps: where do you girls live? My hubby and I are stationed in England for now so baby will be British-born!!!!


Terra - September 29

Hi Juliette: I'm due March 30th. I still have nausea, but by no means is my head stuck in the toilet. I just heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time today. and I'm just on my 14th week. I know how you feel about the smells, I couldn't eat until almost lunch time today (other then a few dry cheerios) So I still have nausea, and likely will knowing me for about another month. (I did so until I was almost 5 months preg, with my first)


Juliette - September 30

Hey Terra and the other girls, For those who like Terra and I still have nausea, do you get it all day? I am sort of OK in the morning but it gets worse as the day gets by... I heard some women have it the whole time!!! I love food and except for a few things I really wnat to eat (because I can't get to them- ethnic food) I am so disgusted by the smell of food that we can't go out to eat! I hope all is well for everyone. :) Ju


JP - September 30

Good Morning Ladies- For those of youwith the nauseua, I really found great relief with the sour altoids candy. As soon as I feel like I am going to be sick and that is usually right after I eat something, I pop one of them in and it goes away. I heard that any sour candy really helps. I have only been sick 4 times, but I blame it on my nerves really, not the baby. You see prior to being pregnant anytime I was nervous about something I would get sick so nothing has really changed in that respect. By the way I am from the US (New York). I had a dream about the baby the other night. I gave birth to a boy. So according to Juliette, should I start shoping for blue stuff? Don't know but it sure is fun guessing. By the way I like shopping for maternity cloths too.



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