Due Date Question June 27th

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guest - February 9

I know I am probably crazy but I'd like to hear what you guys think about this. My 1st day of my LMP was 9/20 and my due date is 6/27. I just went in for my 20 week appt and the baby is measuring at 20 weeks. I know my conception dates would be probably around early Oct. I had intercourse on Oct 2 but then not again till Oct 17th. I got a positive preg test on Oct 19 (early response). I don't really remember back to October when I conceived and I don't want to be prego longer than what they are telling me! Just wondering if any of you think that I could've conceived on Oct 17th with getting a pos prego test on Oct 19th. If so - the baby would measure 2 weeks smaller, right? Just wondering if you think that the positive prego test could show up 2 days after conception? Please let me know your thoughts. Sorry, first time for me and I'm just thinking crazy stuff - wondering if the dates could be off since we were not trying and I am not sure of the exact conception date. Thanks!


Steph - February 9

Seems to me that your still due June 27! If you had s_x on October 2, that would be during your most fertile time, and your positive test on 10-19 would be from you conceiving on the 2nd. And, no a positive test could not be positive from you conceiving on 10-17. It takes 10-14 days for hcg to be high enough in your system to read.


Olivene - February 9

I was going to say what Steph already said!


amy - February 10

hey im amy im due on 27th of june and i concived in september


guest - February 12

amy - when in septermber did you conceive in order to be due on 6/27?


minna_k04 - February 12

Have you has a u/s yet, that is the most accurate way to tell, my date was off by one month. My measurements are a little off too, my first baby was off by one month from my LMP/ EDD also. U/s date was accurate.


^lucy^ - February 13

it took me around 2 weeks to get a faint + on the hpt so i dont think 2 days will really show a +.. i agree with steph


guest - February 13

yes i had a 20 week ultrasound and they said everything is measuring right at 20 weeks...guess i should not be worried huh! Its just that i cannot remember conceiving at the beginning of the month...my DH says 10/2 was the day! The last thing I remembered was 2 days before i got a positive hpt. i know that sounds crazy but we were super busy that month and were not together much!


Billie - February 14

My due date is june 26 according to the doctor but to the ultrasound it says june 23. I concieved at the end of September. We are pretty close. This is my third child and the ultrasounds are pretty exact. In fact all my kids so far were born on there ultrasound date not the date the doctors gave me. Good luck


L - February 14

October 1st. hCG, which is the hormone measured in a HPT, isn't produced until the conceptus implants which is about 6-10 days post conception. With intercourse on the 17th, its possible your egg wouldn't yet be fertlized for pregnancy detection on the 19th, let alone producing hCG.


guest - February 14

thanks for the info, i appreciate it!


Amy - February 16

my last period was september 24 and im due june 30th


amy - February 16

i concived in sept 20th (guest) im due in june i found out the s_x last week im avin a little baby girl iv got 19 weeks left hoping all goes well


Billie - February 16

I was on the pill and had 2 periods before I found out I was pregnant. I had a period at the begining of sept and at the begining of october meanwhile I was pregnant the whole time. And was still taking the birthcontrol so go figure lol


amy - February 17

billie whats youre point how far gone are u love?.. how old r u all btw?


krc - February 17

a positive test 2 days after conception !! Your joking right !!


Billie - February 17

Amy my point is you can still have a period and be pregnant so it is always best to go by ultrasound dates to be able to get an accurate date of conception and delivery.



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