Due Dates

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sophandbob - May 30

Does anybodies due date bother them? There is an article in the press today about a woman who wants to be induced before her due date, because her due date is 06/06/06. She is convinced if she has it them she'll be giving birth to the devil. Also, I've had some negative reaction to my due date - the worst of which was from my mother!!! I am due sept 11th (which is why some people wince when I tell them), and the first thing my mum said when i told her was "You do realise I'll be on holiday then, don't you?!" (being perfectly serious btw!!) So I replied, "well, no I didn't, but what do you want me to do? Cross my legs?" she is now looking into changing her dates, after finally realising I can't do much about mine!


squished - May 30

I think that Sept.11th is a perfectly fine date to be due on. Yes, a major catastrophic event happened on that day and it will be forever remembered.....and so will your baby's birthdate. If your baby is actually born on Sept. 11th, most babies aren't actualy born on their due date though!


venus_in_scorpio - May 30

haha not many people deliver on their due date. d__n people are never happy!!!


Perl - May 30

I have friends with birthdates on Sept 11. One of my friends actually decided to start celebrating her birthday on Sept 12th instead of on the 11th. In time the stigma of that date will pa__s just like I'm sure it did with the date Pearl Harbor was attacked. I agree that 6/6/6 is a little bit freaky but it doesn't mean the devil will be born on that date. My baby may be born on my birthdate 11/14 but I'm hoping that it will be at least a week later than that so that baby can have his/her very own special date that he/she does not have to share with anybody else in the family.


Mingill - May 30

I've adjusted to my due date, sept. 8. There's nothing wrong with it, I just really wanted baby to share the same birth month as me (August), it's silly I know. I also know a bit about stigma attached to birthdays, try being born on Friday the 13th. Both my eldest brother and I are Friday the 13th babies (we were born by c-section, my brother was an emergency, but my mom actually picked my birthday, she says that it was easier to schedule because nobody else wanted their baby to born that day.) I'm not supersticeous and it doesn't bug me now, but I did not enjoy being called evil or a devil child when I was in grade school. Kids can be so mean.


Taffy - May 30

I'm due on Friday 13th October and I think its really funny. After several miscarriages I'll be pleased with any date. I posted elsewhere that my mum was due to have me on April fools day. I guess daft dates run in the family!


squished - May 30

At least if you are born on friday the 13th it's not the friday the 13th for every birthday!


Kim L - May 31

hi Taffy - I'm with you! I think having had miscarriages puts things in a completely different perspective. Things like what day the baby actually arrives mean absolutely nothing to me - I'm just thrilled my baby is alive and healthy!


Tanya2 - May 31

We have to remember also that most babies are not born on their due dates. Even when they are, we ususally celebrate birthdays on different days other than their birthday, say on the weekend before or after. But in any case, your child being born on a certain can't be helped and would and should always be special. My daugther was born last Sept, and my son now is due Sept 2nd, being a teacher, I would probably have their birthday parties together late Aug/ early Sept before school starts since Sept is just so busy. Who knows, but just enjoy your pregnancy for now and don't worry about what others say.



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