Due Feb 02

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Beth - October 11

Anyone else due around this time? How are things? I'm 20, first pregnancy, don't know wether it's a boy or girl.


sarah - October 11

Hey, Im due the 18th Feb, 2nd pregnancy after a misscarage at 18weeks, but everythings going great this time round, fingers crossed. Im also 20 having a boy.


kendall - October 11

i'm also due 2/18/06 with a girl im 21 congrats girls. its nice to talk to people that are due the same time i am. i also had a m/c but at 10 1/2 weeks.we made it further than before.good luck


Merissa - October 12

Hi Beth, I'm due the 3rd--one day after you. We know ours is a girl and are very excited! This will be our first baby. Are you going to take birthing cla__ses? We're thinking about it and trying to figure out when a good time to go is. I hear they prefer that the cla__ses are done in the 7th month... Good luck, hope you're feeling well.


Beth - October 12

I'm trying to get around to the prenatal cla__ses, my doc says it's a really good idea to go to them, I heard it's better to go in your third trimester so I've been putting it off, I'm actually a huge procastinator so I'm just hoping I can pull it all together so my baby doesn't have to sleep on the floor :) Sorry to hear about your miscarriages, glad all going well with this pregnancy. Good luck, do you guys have hip pain at all? Mine are killing me the better half of the time, I do aquasize, it is the best excercise ever, any tips you guys have found is "the best thing ever"?


Sam - October 12

Hi Ladies, I'm due Feb 1. My first, and I'm 30. Old compared to you in your 20s! My baby is kicking as we speak. But way higher than I thought your uterus was supposed to be...it's kicking almost right under my ribs and supposedly your uterus is only an inch above your belly b___ton right now. I head to the doctor tomorrow -- a big day. I have my glucose screening test, then we're having an ultrasound, hopefully to get a final determination on the s_x. The doctor thought it was a girl last time, but was having a hard time getting the angle to where she could see for sure. So we've been keeping it a secret, and I really want to know for sure tomorrow. Beth--my hips have also been hurting pretty bad, as well as my lower back. I feel like an old lady, especially after exercising. I'm at a trade show next week and will be on my feet all day every day. Not looking forward to how my body is going to feel going through that.


Beth - October 12

I'm so jealous I only get one ultrasound, unless there are complications, and I allready had it and the babies umbilical cord was in between it's legs. So I don't get to know, but it's killing me I want to know, fingers crossed for a boy. But either way it won't matter, and I guess he/she will have to like yellow and white!


Amy - October 12

hi i'm also feb 18th and this is #4


kendall - October 12

congrats to all. i also just get one u/s i was thinking about getting a 3d u/s done i would have to pay for it but in the long run i would always be able to look back at it and have it on video


Beth - October 12

I only got one u/s, how do you get a 3d one done? and how much does it cost? I'm from Edmonton, Alberta. I saw a 3d u/s photo once I would love to have one but I don't know where to go..


kendal - October 12

if you look online you should find one in your area i'm in arizona so the cost here is different that it will be there here its $95-$250 depending on 2d, 3d or 4d and the package that goes with it good luck



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