Due Feb 12th With First Baby Anyone Else

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shelly - September 27

HI, i'm due february 12 th w/ my first baby, and it's a boy!! I was wondering if anyone else was due around the same time??


Jean - September 27

I'm due on Feb. 8 with my first baby. The ultrasound tech says it's a girl!


denise - September 27

I'm due February 22nd with our first and don't know what it is and don't want to know. I'm happy either way!!


Heather - September 27

Due Feb 7th. First baby. I am 33. We are having a girl.


Emy - September 27

I am due Feb 20th. We find out next Tuesday if it is a girl or boy and I can't wait to start calling him/her by her name!


Rhonda - September 27

Hey I am due feb 6th with a boy!! this will be my 3rd boy!! I think I am done this time...or I am gonna end up with a football team ha ha lol I already feel out numbered everything in my house is male including pets ha halol good luck...


Jess - September 27

Hi, I'm due Feb 22nd and I find out on Monday if its going to be a girl or boy:)


jb - September 27

Hey! Due Feb 15 th with first baby. Dont know what, yet. Baby wouldnt cooperate at the first ultrasound. WE go back in a few weeks, maybe we will find out then.


mom2bpetty - September 27

Hi, I'm due on February 20th with our first. I just found out yesterday that it's a BOY! I am so excited because I had a dream that it was a boy and it came true! :)


erinsoul - September 27

I'm due the 10th with my first. I get the u/s on Thursday, so I really hope the baby cooperates! I have a strong feeling it's a boy.


lmrod55 - September 27

I am due Feb 14th...although the ultrasound said Feb 11th - so we'll see! We are not finding out the s_x - just praying for a healthy baby! While this is our second child - it is our first pregnancy, so we are thrilled!!!


jess - September 27

Hi, i am also due around the same time, feb 24 with my first but my ultrasound isn't until next week so i am not yet sure what i am having.


shelly - September 27

How much wait has everyone gained?? I started off at 123 and I'm already 140, I feel like i've gained alot!!


Jess - September 27

I've gained about 18 pounds and I'm 20 weeks. I feel so big!


Sue - September 29

I am due February 14th. We just found out on Tuesday that we're having a healthy baby girl, we're so excited!


Amber - September 29

Due on the 14 of Feb. with a boy. First baby. Went from 142 to 152 pounds. Not showing unless I am laying down on my back. Hes a wicked active little dude.


Missy - September 29

I am also due on Feb. 12. But mine is a girl. Crazy huh?



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