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MELANIE - June 15

Hi- just curious if anyone is due in Nov. and what they are having. I'm due Nov. 21 with another boy!!! This makes three.


jodie - June 15

Hi, i am due nov 22 and i don't find out what i'm having until the 29th of this month. I think its a boy, but everyone else says girl..I guess we'll find out soon!!


minx - June 16

I'm due around 17 Nov, a boy-- my first :).


Mythili - June 16

I am due on November 9.


Susie - June 16

Hey everyone. im susie from northern ireland... Im 19weeks pregnant and due on the 9th november, I dont know what im having yet i will hopefully find out at my ultrasound on the 1st july xxxx congratulations everyone


Kelly K - June 16

I'm due November 4th with my first and it's a girl! :)


KKA - June 16

Congratulations all... Jodie, how do you know you are having a boy? Is there any different feeling then girl? How do you fell?


SRG - June 16

Hi Everyone, I am due on Nov 10th, I am having a boy. I cannot wait I am so excited. This is our first baby. Good Luck to you all!


melanie - June 16

I cant believe all the boys! Everyone i know that is preg. is having a boy!!! Boys are fun!! I'm sure girls are too,but at this rate I may never know!!! I really thought this was a girl! I felt so different.We'll all have to keep in touch and compare preg. since we are due the same time!!! good luck all


secret - June 16

EDD November 26, not going to find out the gender until it's here.


jb - June 16

Nov 1st- twins! Boy and Girl!


lilmum - June 16

due on the 24th of november.. and i have an ultrasound in THREE HOURS!!! so i will check in later today or tomorrow and HOPEFULLY let you all know what i'm having.. cross your fingers for me and hope this baby cooperates!


Jessica F. - June 16

I am due Nov 1st and have no idea what the s_x of the baby is. We are hoping to find out next month after we set up an appt for the ultrasound


tracy - June 16

i'm due november 16 and don't know what i'm having - u/s is next thursday and i'm just too excited to find out! feels like i'm 6 years old and it's Christmas Eve :)


Jodie - June 16

Im due on the 3rd with my 3rd child :) everyone thought (including myself) i was having a girl but its a boy. I never found out with my other 2 but i feel alot more excited since finding out


lilmum - June 16

i did NOT get to find out what i'm having. I'm pretty upset. The tech wouldn't even try because she said it's too early, which i know is c___p because i was EXACTLY the same weeks and days with my first child when we found out. My doc is going to see what he can do about getting another ultrasound in a month or so. He doesn't like doing too many ultrasounds during a pregnancy so he likes to save them for when they're needed.


kimj - June 16

hello! iam due on the 14th. we have a 6 year old boy and hoping for a girl. we find out on the 29th aswell..GL!



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