Due July 18th 2005

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Michaela - February 18

Hey, I'm 18 almost 19 weeks pregnant and due July 18th,2005 it is getting really close to my due date..but I'm so scared about everything my baby was very active 2 days ago and now has not moved since altho I have had a few little flutters but that is it..I just feel different what is my body telling me? I'm, have a boy btw!


PP - February 19

You and I are due very close to one another. I am felling just little flutters. I wish I felt like the due date was close it seems years away to me. Are you showing? I am barely. If you sense that something is wrong I would get checked out though. Sometimes intuition is paramount.


Michaela - February 19

I know it does seem like forever away.I'm kinda showing but can only tell when I wear a tight shirt and it sucks..! My doctor said everything is fine so I'm glad about that! When are you due?


PP - February 19

Well actually that depends. By LMP July 27 but by ultrasound July 15th or maybe sooner. The baby is growing really fast.


April - February 20

I'm due July 21 and I am really showing. I just had a baby in June of last year though so that is probably why. I am just now starting to feel movement, more then just flutters.


Michaela - February 20

My baby just did a real good kick..ah an amazing feeling! PP, the same here by LMP I was due July 21st but by ultrasound July 18th..!


Tanya - February 22

My due date is also July 18th *grin* .. I was also a little concerned that the baby wasnt moving often enough after I had felt him the first time. Now I continuously feel him and yes, its also a little boy. :-)


Kitkat - February 23

I'm due 17th July (19wks+3) and felt the baby for the first time few days ago. Haven't got much movement since, but read it is quite normal - barely felt it twice today. Have a scan in a week so can't wait to find out if it's a girl or a boy... I say it's a girl:)


tay - March 9

Hey I am due July 21,2005 cancer babies holla! I am a scorpio so I am happy. cancers and scorpios adore one another but anyway dont panic it is a typical thing you are becoming a real mom you're worried about your child before it's even on this earth pretty amazing us women huh?



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